How to create the right driveway for your property

The exterior of your property can set the tone for the rest of your house and adding an attractive driveway can add up to 10% of your property’s value. But knowing what makes an attractive driveway is essential.

Here are our tips to help you create the right driveway for your home.

Think about size

For a driveway to be practical, it needs to be a minimum of 3m wide to accommodate for an average-sized car. If you require space for more cars or need a place to turn, your driveway will need to be bigger.

However, if the surface area will be more than five square metres and you’ll be directing rainwater to a drain – regardless of whether it’s on your property or not – you will require planning permission.

Choose your materials

When creating your driveway you’ll want to choose materials that are in keeping with your home’s exterior. Darker shades like slate grey work well on both contemporary and traditional properties, whilst mixing and matching materials and colours can add interest.

You’ll also need to consider the drainage of your drive as this will impact your material choice. If your driveway is prone to water pooling, choosing a loose material like gravel or pebbles are not only good-value but they are water-permeable too.

Block-paving is a great surface choice, as they can be easily replaced should one become damaged. Using block-paving allows you to put your own stamp on your property too.

If you’re looking for something long-term, that’s practical, durable and cost-effective, then choosing a concrete or asphalt drive might be the simple solution you’ve been searching for.

Keep it practical

When creating a driveway you’ll want to keep it practical. Adding automatic security lights don’t only deter criminals, but they make parking in the dark easier too. If your drive is on a blind corner or a busy main road, installing convex mirrors such as these ones will help increase visibility, making coming and going easier and safer.

You should also keep shrubs and hedges that could overgrow to a minimum. A low-maintenance driveway is not only safer for you but will make your property look more attractive.

Add finishing touches

Once you’ve got the practicalities all sorted, you can add the finishing touches that add that extra sparkle to your driveway. Consider adding plants like lavender to plant pots and arranging them around a doorway or down the drive.

You can also add solar powered lights down the side of the drive that needs additional lights.

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