How To Decorate Your Home To Increase Value When Selling

It is a well-known fact that a nicely and modernly decorated house will command a much higher market value than the same property which is a poorly furnished state or even more so in disrepair! Even out of fashion design can be off-putting to buyers as no-one wants to move in to a renovation project. But the big question is which room will add most value to your property compared to the cost of re-doing the room? This handy guide will go over some of the options you have available to you.

Living Room

The living room is probably the room where the family spends the most time together socially, and so is a very important one. There are lots of trends that really add value such as wood burning stoves or simply a new colour scheme?


Bedrooms are probably the easiest to redecorate since there is no equipment or features unlike some areas of the house. If choosing to redo a bedroom for the purposes of selling a property remember keen it simple, neutral and tidy looking, this way the next occupant can add or change it to suit their needs.


Bathrooms are one area that can be really detrimental to a sale if in an off-putting colour or very old-fashioned design. Thinking of a great colour scheme that will last is very important as we don’t want to be stuck with some 1970’s lime green disaster! You can always go further with this and install a luxury new tub, or other fixings. A bathroom is often overlooked but it’s important to not forget as a old, dirty looking one will seriously diminish your asking price.


Kitchens are very important; one area of the house where good design really stands out and also dated kitchens can be very easily noticed. You will want to ensure your kitchen design is modern and clean looking, perhaps something like these stone kitchen worktops that will be durable and stunning. Keep in mind an overall colour scheme that’s not too bold and will be acceptable to a wide variety of buyers.

Build An Extension

If you really want to increase the value by a good margin why not consider building an extension if you have room? It’s a big task but the potential extra value in the property is huge, some estimates state that the right extension can add up to 23% to the property value. What is key here is research though, look up what similar properties with an extra room go for in your area and you can get a clear idea of the extra value and measure that against the construction cost.

Selling Up

When actually coming to sell the house remember to keep it presentable, this guide to hosting an open house recommends depersonalising, while keeping it homely. This is great advice as you have put all the effort in to doing up the property, don’t let presentation let you down!

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