How to make use of your loft without paying for a full conversion

Has there been some sort of significant home improvement you’ve always wanted, but never got round to carrying out? For some people, it’s a new garage or garage extension. For others, it’s a conservatory or an orangery.

For many people, it’s a stylish loft conversion right at the top of the home. However, as the years go by, and money inevitably has to be spent elsewhere, these once-enticing prospects tend to be reprioritised again and again. Fortunately, when it comes to your loft, that’s not to say you can never make the most of it – even if you don’t ever turn it into a genuine living space.

Is a loft conversion still worth it?

Unless you have a burning desire for your own cosy study area, or work from home in the comfort of your loft, then not really. The other main reason people tend to convert their loft is that the family around them grows, and older children start to demand a little more independence (admittedly while still living under the same roof as everyone else!).

At this point, a loft conversion is a genuinely rewarding prospect, which, according to The Guardian, can increase the value of any home by around 20%. However, as you may have occasionally found from time to time, the cost of a full loft conversion can also command a similar fee. Therefore, unless you know for a fact that you’re still going to need the extra space, or will have the time to make a profit on the conversion, it’s not really worth the hassle anymore.

Loft conversions have become more popular in the last few years as planning permission relaxed somewhat, following a high demand. Since then, as many as 4 in 10 London homes are now believed to have loft conversions, which have added significant value to the already higher prices of the homes in the capital. Still, there are other ways to use your loft, without resorting to a full conversion.

Loft ladders can make all the difference

The simple, and much cheaper option of loft ladders, still gives you full access to the space above you – without you having to undertake significant work on your home. You won’t need a full set of stairs installing, any reworking to the rooms on the first or ground floor of your home, or need to do anything to your roof (which is where planning permission applications can become problematic).

Loft ladder installation from Instaloft gives you full access to all of that loft space, without having any significant impact on your home – or your finances. So, you’ll have all of the extra loft space you require, and a straightforward, secure way of accessing it.

It might not be the extra bedroom or living space you used to dream of, but it would give you a number of practical storage options nonetheless – and it’s as cost-effective a loft solution as you’re likely to find! With this project, you would be setting your sights high in more ways than one.

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