5 Things You Can Tell a Vendor Who Is Looking To Increase The Value Of Their Home

1– A light and airy interior

Creating a light an airy interior feel throughout your home is another simple and cost-effective means to create a bigger, more attractive and desirable feel to your living environment- thereby increasing the property value.

Wall mirrors make a room look much bigger and lighter. Therefore, why not consider putting some up, especially in smaller rooms or hallways?

Clean windows inside and out, and replace any broken light bulbs are again simple and effective measures to boost the overall light coverage in a home.

Another idea is to utilise lamps in any dark corners within a room , in order to enhance its overall illumination and glow – particularly effective during the winter months

2- Giving your house a name

Giving your home a name can offer a simple means to add thousands of pounds to its value. A survey commissioned by Mayfair estate agent Wetherell found the best property names can add as much as 40 per cent to the price.

Regal-sounding names such as ‘Crown Cottage’ or ‘Clarence Estate’ are popular with buyers, while pastoral names such as ‘Harvest Lodge’ or ‘Owl Corner’ evoke a rural setting.

In order to formalise any name change, you must contact Royal and your council, which is normally free, and ensure it is locally unique. It’s best to keep a number as well.”

Giving your house a name is an effective technique that may help sway a higher asking price for your home; as well as being a clever way in which to add character or a personal touch to your property. You could take inspiration from the local area and the property’s history, or add a sentimental touch with a nod to your family or something else important to you to help your house stand out from the crowd.

3 – Update the kitchen

The kitchen is generally seen as being the most valuable room in a house. It is generally seen as worth the most per square foot in your home, and can make the difference in justifying a higher asking price

For a cost-effective kitchen update, why not consider refacing your kitchen cabinetry?

Other cost effective, visually attractive ideas to consider can be as simple as to declutter the work surfaces and just leave a bowl of fruit out – or perhaps take out any bulky appliances.
Upgrading kitchen counter tops is another popular update that can add serious value – however can be an expensive project.

Upgrading the plumbing fixtures and white goods is another option; but keep in mind that while that could make your property sell faster, you will be unlikely to recoup their full value.

4 –Fitting bi-fold doors

A number of industry experts suggest that bi-folding doors can add around 5-10% to the resale valuation of a property.

There are a number of reasons why they’re so highly regarded by valuers:

Unlike French and patio doors which have rigid widths, bi-folding doors can span several metres enabling a very vast opening to be created

They enhance the aesthetics of any home, particularly when crafted from aluminium, and give it that all-important “wow” factor.

They open up a property into the garden and create a sensational ‘inside-outside’ atmosphere.

They will give your home added protection from intruders due to the rigidness of the frames and resilience of the secure locking mechanism

So, whilst moving home may be the last thing on your mind at the moment, it pays to think ahead and invest in improvements that will put you on the front foot in the future when selling – the value gained from fitting bi-folding doors will far outweigh the outlay.

5 – Install A Skylight

When looking to increase the value of your home, anything that makes the home really stand out from other similar properties on the market is a major advantage. In simple terms, that’s exactly what installing a skylight can offer.

Natural light is also a big selling point for homebuyers. Adding Energy Star-qualified, no-leak skylights can increase your home’s efficiency and overall value.

In summary, a high-quality skylight is one of the most impressive changes you can make to your home.

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