What you need to start your own removals company

Starting your own company is always a big task, but if you take on some useful advice at the beginning, you will have a much better chance at long-term success. When it comes to starting a removals company, you already know that there will always be a demand for your services, so the key to standing out is being prepared right from the start.

To get you on the right path, this useful guide has been put together to let you know what you are going to need as you start setting up your company. If you are able to tick to tick the below boxes, you will be able to establish yourself quickly as a competent and reliable company who puts their customers and the local community first.

The right equipment

A huge part of being a removals company is having the right equipment to perform your services to a high standard for every single one of your clients.

Proper storage

The first thing you need to sort out if your head office. This will be the place where you store all your equipment and run your operations from, which makes it the most important location in your business. Unlike a traditional business office, you will be storing more than just files and will need storage facilities that can house heavier equipment, such as power tools. The best solutions for this is investing in a G-Rack.co.uk, which is specially designed shelving unit which can hold much more weight than commercial shelves.

The right vans

As a removals company, you will be doing both large and small-scale jobs, depending on the client’s needs. Thus, you need to make sure you invest in the best vans on the market and do the proper research.

Get the right contacts

As with any company, you need to know how to be good at networking your new business in order to build up meaningful partnerships. A good idea is to approach estate agencies and offer a discount price for their clients if they go with your removals firm in exchange for free promotion. This will help build your customer base quickly and gain a meaningful endorsement.

Ensure you have a strong team on your side

A business is only as strong as the team that works there, so you need to know how to hire and keep the best people.

Hiring the right people

When it comes to what to look for in job candidates, you need combination of skills/ prior experience and ambition to make it in your industry. This will ensure you are running a productive outfit with a group of people who work well together. Be sure to look for the potential in all candidates as you may find all people need is the opportunity to prove themselves in order to become the best workers.

How to keep the right people

When you get a good team together, you want to make sure you are able to keep them from going to work for your competitors. To do this, make sure you are paying a good salary that rises in line with inflation, offer generous holiday, and make sure you never skimp on that all-important Christmas bonus.

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