How to protect your roof from storm damage?

Severe weather conditions may be a cause of damage to life and property. Bad weather conditions may be a cause of concern for homeowners who face difficulty due to property damage. The most prominent property damage is roof destruction resulting from heavy winds and hail. Since weather conditions are beyond human control, some steps become necessary to protect the house from severe damage. By paying keen attention to these areas, you may help protect your home and your family members from danger.

What measures can minimize roof damage?

Some easy and quick precautions may help protect the property from damage emanating from the storm.

You may explore the following ways to reduce roof damage:

• Replacing damaged and missing shingles: If a shingle gets damaged, you have to take steps for its replacement. In case there are missing shingles, the gap may be an entry point for the wind to get in and cause further damage. There is a debate about whether to go for metal or shingle roofing materials as the storm makes it difficult for a standard roof to last. Hence, following a hailstorm, the replacement of the metal roof and shingle roofs becomes mandatory.

• The gutters must stay clear: ensure that the trenches in your house are free-flowing and the downspouts flow the water away from the foundation. Flooding or water damage is one of the fastest ways that devalue the residence. Ensure that the gutters are in working order to prevent any water logging in the property. It is an essential preventive measure undertaken by millions of homeowners.

• Ensured that the sump pump is functioning: before the rainy season occurs, check the sump pumps functioning. The pump must stay located in a safe and secure place away from any moisture and leakage. It will help in preventing basement flooding during the rainy season.

• Proper sealing of windows and doors: only a small opening is enough for the wind to get in, and thereby cause damage to the property. In tornadic winds, small spaces in the doors and windows may enlarge and allow wind inside the house and severely damage the roof. Hence, proper sealing of the doors and windows is essential before the rainy season occurs.

• Beware of loose rail posts: many times, homeowners forget fence post and consider them as an unimportant part, which requires no nailing. However, the reality is far from this, as fence positions play a valuable role in protecting the property from climatic situations.

Regular inspection of the property for cracks and other issues is essential to protect the same from the damages caused by the storm. Just by taking some significant steps, you may undervalue the impact of wind and tornado. In addition to this, if you have a place to install a generator, it will help you deal with power cuts that often follow a terrible storm. You may consult a professional roofer like Benchmark roofing contractors to assist you with roofing alternatives to handle a hurricane.

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