How to improve the value of your property

If you’re on a mission to increase the value of your house, then you better be sure that no feature in your house, be it in your bathroom, kitchen or even your basement is out of order. Fortunately, DIY influencer Kimberly Duran provides expert tips that will help you get around any issue that you might come across in your house.

Every aspect of your house depends on how properly maintained its features are. The kitchen needs to be clean and the tools needed to be easily accessible, the bathroom tiles need to be well maintained, the light fixtures need to be in proper working order, there’s enough water coming from the pipes, and so much more.

DIY Influencer Kimberly Duran Provides Expert Tips

1. Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal

Since it’s all about outer beauty when it comes to attracting potential clients, you have to boost your house’s overall curb appeal. By this, we mean making your house look good from the street. This is your only golden opportunity to make a good first impression and encourage your buyer to take the first step through the front door.

Make sure the landscaping of your house is properly maintained because if it isn’t, it will give off a bad impression not only to the buyers but to your neighbors, especially if their garden is better maintained than yours. To give a better impression, we suggest getting more flowers planted in your garden or have the front door repainted.

2. Enhance Your Interiors

Once you’re done with the outside, start focusing on the inside. Use modern colors to turn any boring or drab-looking room into a stunning work of art. Even if the interior does have a pretty good color to it, it’s most likely going to be dirty. That’s why giving it a brand new coat of paint will not only make it look appealing to anyone’s eyes but will also make it look more attractive and bigger.

Now focus on getting rid of your worn-out wallpapers. Chances are they’re probably worn out as they’ve been eating away by maggots. Therefore, you’ll need to remove the old wallpaper or mural off of your walls using a wallpaper remover steam gun. After that, give your wall a brand new coat of paint.

3. Add Some More Space

The more space you add to your house, the better it will sell in the future. We understand that that is an obvious point to consider, but there’s more to that. You see, a house’s median price rate is about $130 per square foot. This very same amount is the same for either large or small houses. Therefore, you can add more value to it by including more space.

However, before you take any action, have a look around at your house and see whether there’s any place for you to include more space. Do you feel that the space in your lounge is too restricted?

Whatever the case may be, you should bear in mind that home renovations usually cost homeowners much more than when they’re reselling their property. For instance, let’s say you wanted to add a nice sink, toilet, and shower in your bathroom. Doing so will add approximately $29,000 worth of value to your property. Sadly, the project will cost you around $48,000. To make things worse, you’re probably not going to get all of the money that you spent back.

4. Add or Change Doors or Windows

This is a great option to consider not only in terms of improving your home’s aesthetic but also lowering the noise levels inside your house, as well as reducing the cooling and heating bills, while also bringing in more natural light inside of your house.

We recommend adding French doors as they not only bring elegance to your backyard and also open up space, but they also tend to bring more light into your property.

5. Cut Down Energy Costs

Utility rates are increasing more and more as the years go by. So wouldn’t it be better to make your property more energy-efficient? Of course, it would. And this is exactly what will attract potential buyers towards your property as well. You’ll be pleased to know that there are a handful of local utility companies that offer free energy audits of several houses.

6. Make The House Low Maintenance

Many buyers are wary of houses that require a great deal of maintenance from their end if the sellers don’t do it themselves. These types of buyers are very meticulous in that they inspect several features including the water heater, furnace, and also the roof. As such, buyers tend to avoid such properties and save up on their money.

Making improvements before your buyers come over to have a look at your property will be better for both parties involved. Swap your stain carpet with hardwood flooring, or the high-maintenance wood siding with that of vinyl.

7. Think About A Loft Conversion

The usual law of conversion can cost anywhere between £500-600/m² when compared against a conversion twice the size. It adds more value to your property because it features more accommodation instead of taking it away. Based on a survey, loft conversions can bring about £23,754.57 on average.

You can bring natural light into your house using roof lights or dormer windows. Loft conversions don’t necessarily require any planning consent, since the existing volume is used. On the other hand, dormer windows do require planning consent as they normally face the direction of a highway.

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