How To Sell Your Property Successfully in London

It can take anywhere from three months to six months to sell a property in London. The process of selling a house can be pretty daunting, especially in these unprecedented times. From hiring the right estate agent to deciding on the right price point, there is so much involved in the process of selling a property. Here is how you can sell your property in London, successfully.

Get an accurate valuation

Before you even list your property on the market, you need to get a property valuation. You can hire a local property valuer or opt for free valuations online. Once you have a fair idea of the worth of your property, only then can you list it online. It is important to get a valuation because that will help you decide the selling price. Also, when it comes to negotiations, you will know exactly how much you can afford to negotiate without losing money on the deal.

Get in touch with multiple estate agents

To sell your property quickly, and successfully, you should hire an estate agent. It is important that you hire a local agent who understands the market. Get in touch with multiple local agents and ask them about their selling strategy. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask them how they plan to market your property, what their agent fees are, how much they can sell the property for, and whatever other questions that you have in mind. Once you have shortlisted a few agents, choose the agent who best suits your needs and requirements. At the end of the day, you want to hire an estate agent whom you trust and can communicate with openly.

List your property online

Nowadays, most buyers are looking at properties online. Instead of going house to house, potential buyers are looking at multiple properties online through pictures and videos. You must list your property online. Make sure to write a detailed description in your listing, while mentioning all the unique features of your property. Also, make sure to use only high-quality pictures. In recent times, virtual videos and 360-degree online tours have also become very common, so you can ask your estate agent to help you create such videos for easy viewings. Before you do, make sure to stage the interiors so that you can show off your property to the fullest!

Set up your property for viewings

You need to ensure that your property looks perfect for viewings. First and foremost, get rid of any clutter. To prepare your property for a viewing, you need to clean like you have never cleaned before. This is also highly recommended before taking photographs and making videos of your property – the cleaner the space, the better it will look. If you have a spare room or bedroom, you can convert it into a makeshift office to target a broader audience. Also, try to use neutral tones for the interiors; sometimes, interiors can make or break a sale. Also, speak to your estate agents about viewing hours. That way, you won’t have to stress every time a potential buyer is coming to view the place – you will already be prepared.

Make use of outdoor space

If you have any outdoor space in your London property, then it is going to sell like hotcakes. Homeowners and potential buyers are tired of sitting at home, which is why the demand for properties with outdoor spaces has gone up tremendously. If you have a small garden or patio, make sure to landscape it properly. Add some outdoor furniture or lawn chairs to make it look a little more inviting. For smaller gardens, maybe start a herb garden or a kitchen garden in some corner to attract more buyers. If you do not have the outdoor space, you can always try to convert your terrace into a chic terrace garden. Basically, if you have the outdoor space or if you can create the space, you should make the most of it!

Be ready to negotiate

If you have decided on a selling price of £300,000, you have to be ready to negotiate. In your mind, you need to decide on the lowest price that you will agree upon. You cannot be stuck on the asking price, just because of a property valuation. When it comes to selling your property, the art of negotiation is very important. And when it comes to prime property, negotiation is key!
If you want to sell prime property in London, the process is a tad different. First and foremost, it is important to hire the right estate agent who has experience in such high-value dealings. You want to hire an estate agent who can find the right buyer, be it a domestic buyer or an overseas buyer. Also, you need to market your property in such a way that you attract your target audience. If you are looking to sell prime property in London, get in touch with estate agents in Rainham.

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