How to Set Up a Parking Lot

To set up a parking lot, business owners must consider the market for the business. Investing in parking is a tempting branch as parking lots keep up with the growing demand for car space, being a business opportunity that arises with the growing number of cars and other factors linked to insecurity and a higher number of stolen vehicles.

Demand for parking spaces is also increasingly popular, especially in large cities, where drivers often park their cars away from places they need to be or even away from work and often in unsafe places. Also, by leaving your car parked on a public highway, you run the risk of burglary, car depravation by passersby, car paint is badly damaged for a long time in the sun and it is very uncomfortable to get a car on a rainy day. . Therefore, parking costs have become a necessity for those who need to get around with vehicles and keep their car safe.

For all the factors already mentioned above is that this venture model has become one of the most profitable and is one of the most sought after.

The location

It is important that the location of your future parking lot is exactly where there are no vacancies available on the nearby streets, especially as there are cities where vacancies are offered by the city itself with very good values. Another tip is to choose a place that is clearly visible to customers that everyone can easily access. The perfect location for a parking lot that works for workers, not just shoppers, is close to offices and a large number of shopping spots. Do a good research in your city and if possible visit the traffic department to find the ideal point. It needs to be visible, have a good chance of maneuvering outside and away from bottled points of local traffic.

It is interesting to hire a security company to monitor the vehicles, after all, you will be responsible if something happens. A parking lot may also be located in residential locations serving condominiums, which will be a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Business tips

To build customer loyalty, parking may be located in condominiums, which may establish a contractual system whereby residents may receive rent monthly or biweekly. The business may also work in companies; In order to carry out its activities in this way, parking lots must win contracts or tenders to render their services in public or private companies. This system also represents a lucrative niche market.

Advertising a parking lot is important and one of the most effective ways to advertise is undoubtedly through leaflets. Then we see that parking can work independently of a company with its own or rented location, can be located in condominiums of houses and apartments, located underground of public or private companies or even operate in shopping malls.

Services offered

Regardless of location and hiring system, car parks should strive for the quality of services offered such as applying cashless pay station, knowing that the competition is fierce and only those car parks that guarantee top quality service and safety win contracts. One tip to attract customers is to offer car wash and wax services. Check out this guide on the best car wax that will help you to choose the perfect one for your automobile.

One option for parking services may be those for events only. This style of parking requires greater training of staff that can be hired on demand but must be qualified. These services are usually hired by the event organizer and will require valet services, good attendance, security and fixed value for the event.

In addition to the services mentioned above, there are also exclusive services for catering to restaurants or nightclubs, which usually operate under contracts between entrepreneurs and nightclubs or restaurants.

Attention should be paid to care in order to avoid inconvenience and complaints to competent agencies, so always instruct the work team to always provide proof of delivery or payment with vehicle arrival and departure times.

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