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Indulge yourself in Wallpaper.

I am sure that the mention of wallpaper when it comes to decorating our properties will make many think back to our older family members we had 1970 80 or even 90’s who had heavily patterned or loudly flowered designs or maybe even the dreaded wood chipped. Don’t tell me you had flock wallpaper too at home!

old wallpaper

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At the time these styles of wall paper were highly popular and in many cases they covered the poorly pastered, flaked or cracked walls. We even wallpapered our ceilings unless we had of course polystyrene ceiling tiles or it was artexed. For many of us a generation or so back and beyond, a home was where we lived and brought up families and not many were thinking interior design thoughts, whereas nowadays, we have much more choice to decorate our homes with and many more styles of wallpaper to choose from.

Is wallpaper now an option for those of you decorating your property either for your own comfort or looking to revive your property to sell or rent out? Can it had style, value, depth and more?

Overpowering is what we want to stay clear of, yet we still want something that is eye-catching, a big personality over a loud personality is what we desire. We do not have to cover each and every wall in all the rooms of our property, you may wish to cover just one wall or cover around one feature to highlight another feature.


Photo credit: Phillip Jefferies & David Lawrence Brown

We must allow our minds to think outside of just flowers and fruit when it comes to designs for wallpapers, there are now many styles and types to include natural and nature, metallic leaf, ethnic and many more… In fact, once you start researching online (as I did to write this blog) you can indulge yourself in a world of amazing designs and finishes that will make you for sure want to paper one wall in your property!

If you did in fact like the retro style wallpaper of yesteryear, then many dedicated companies out there will stock countless options for you, you could even showcase a design you want to replicate via an old photo and a design team will put it together for you or research the origination of it in case the original designs are still around – Budgets will of course be much higher, but this just shows there is no limit to what you can get with wallpapers. Want your very own design? Then that can be catered for also and just as easy as when ordering a birthday card online…

Estate Agents across the country are now spending more and more on the interiors of their high street offices and many will go for wallpapers, especially the local map design – Options here from Fairfield Displays.

Wallpaper of years ago was always covered in oranges and apples

Removable papers / temporary wallpapers are also available, easy to apply and easy to remove (yes I am sure you remember too trying to scrap that wallpaper off the walls years ago, relentlessly sponging it down… ). You can get designs for the children bedrooms / playrooms that invite them to colour on (horror in your face no doubt as pens and crayons are a No No on anyway wall), but options are out there for such an activity in the same style as a large colouring book on your wall.

The right style of home, the right type of furniture will all help to aid the impact wallpaper can make in any room and at the end of the day will enhance the look and quite possible increase the value of your property too (as any type of interior designing will do). Think outside the box and do not focus on what wallpaper was, more what it is now and the options it has for you.

Some great websites for wallpaper that I came across include:

Yorkshire Design Associates

Phillip Jefferies

Wallpaper Direct

Graham Brown


Title image:  © Copyright David Hawgood




Christopher Walkey

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