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Q: It’s just another property portal many will say. What though makes Yellf different?

Yes Yellf.co.uk is indeed another property marketing portal, BUT, it is one with a difference that has been designed with agents and consumers very much in mind.  In designing Yellf.co.uk we have taken many aspects of home buying, sales, renting and marketing into perspective and we believe that we have produced a portal with some major differences.  These include:

(a)    The major benefit of Yellf.co.uk has to be its ‘One Stop Shop’ approach.  Unlike other property portals Yellf gives prospective home buyers or those looking to rent a property ALL the information that they need on Yellf.co.uk. For example – when using Yellf.co.uk there is no need to go between a few websites to make comparisons in house prices in a locality, to get up to details of local schools, transport networks, crime figures etc. because it is all there on Yellf.co.uk.   In this busy world this will undoubtedly save consumers time in making an informed decision.  Plus because they are fully educated before approaching an agent, this will provide agents with better qualified leads so also saving their valuable time.  We like to call this provision of information “insights they can act on”.

(b)   The information provided to consumers is FREE of charge – many property portals make a charge of circa £30 to access the information that consumers requires in making a decision re purchasing or renting a property.

(c)    ALL the information provided on Yellf.co.uk is right up to date. Much of the information on competitor portals is out of date and has not been updated. Yellf,.co.uk aims to provide its users with the very best quality of information to help with their decision making process.

(d)   Yellf.co.uk have the needs of estate and letting agents at Unlike many property portals Yellf.co.uk are investing in the future business of the estate and letting agents that use their services by providing agents with an unrivalled and very cost effective support package to help maximise their business opportunities. This will help to generate better leads that will convert to sales.

As part of this support for agents Yellf.co.uk will offer a premium digital marketing strategy package undertaken by their team of specialist digital marketers that will remove all the social media headaches for agents.  They will provide relevant, interesting and engaging social media content that will help towards solidifying an agent’s customer base and attracting new business.

(e)   Yellf.co.uk is VERY competitively priced and their packages are very simple for agents to understand. Prices range from £159.99 for the Standard package to the Premium package at £279.99 per month. In addition Yellf offer bespoke digital packages from £149 to £399 per month and subject to the term taken upon sign up, agents will get a period of FREE listing time and digital support.  Yellf also offer price guarantees if an agent takes an annual or 18 months contract. Agents are not tied into these contracts

(f)     Yellf.co.uk will be far more user friendly and easy to navigate.  Having analysed many of the competitor portals Yellf.co.uk have worked hard to design a site that is easy to use that will give consumers all that they need to view easily at the click of a mouse.

Q: You cannot sell houses on social media many in the industry say (though slightly less than they used to)! Have you something to say regarding this?

A: The digital age and popularity of social media is fast catching up with the property industry.  It is something that we at Yellf recognise as a positive and the estate agents that we have consulted in building the Yellf.co.uk portal also bear witness to this fact.

As the vast majority of consumers are savvy in everyday digital life we firmly believe that the property industry needs to reflect this level of knowledge and this is the reason that we designed our digital/social media support packages to assist estate and letting agents in maximising the opportunities which social media present to sell properties.

In addition, it is undoubted that the final buying decision on any property has to be in the physical viewing.  However, we believe that by equipping consumers with ALL the information that they need on Yellf.co.uk we are helping them to make a totally informed buying decision. This will undoubtedly help agents with selling/renting a property.

In this busy world where prospective property buyers/tenants want to be quickly and correctly informed, there is an undeniable factor that it is so much easier to view and compare information on Yellf.co.uk than it is to manually search for information or rely on word of mouth opinions. Plus the information we provide is 100% accurate.

Q: People are more mobile, more social media active and they want meaningful results faster. Technology is progressing so is a one stop solution now what the consumer is wanting when it comes to property searching online?

A; Yes we agree, people most definitely want ‘meaningful results faster’ and that is exactly what Yellf.co.uk is about.   We believe that without doubt a one stop solution is the key to a successful property portal hence when we designed Yellf.co.uk this had to be the major feature.  We believe that by creating a one stop shop solution that we can supply this demand for meaningful results. By using Yellf.co.uk consumers can quickly and easily access price indexes, research demographic factors and compare house prices from locality to locality.  There is no need to go to other websites to fill the information gaps as Yellf.co.uk guarantee that all the information that consumers need to make an informed decision on a property will be on our website.  It’s all about ease of use and Yellf.co.uk fulfils that need.



Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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