Innovative Home Additions That Can Make A Property Stand Out From The Crowd

The housing market is currently in a state of flux, with thousands of home sales on hold thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic and many buyers uneasy about entering into a deal during these uncertain times.

With this in mind, estate agents need to be working with homeowners over the coming months, and even years, to ensure that their homes meet the expectations of buyers and sell quickly.

A great way to boost the popularity of a property is to add innovative features. There are many lists of home additions that can enhance a property’s value, but there are very few about the unique features owners can add to make their home a one of a kind property that buyers won’t find elsewhere.

To learn more about the features that homeowners will be amazed and captivated by, and which will make them more inclined to make an offer, read on.

A Lift

It might sound like an indulgence, but a lift can be a vital feature for some home buyers. If they’re seeking to buy an expansive, high-value property, for example, then they may expect a lift to be included in the price. Lifts also make homes more accessible for differently able buyers, so they are a great choice if you want to make a property stand out. You can recommend the lift installation and maintenance specialists at Sheridan Lifts to clients who are looking to prepare their home for sale and add either a passenger lift or a platform lift to make it ideal for a variety of different buyers. They operate throughout the whole of the UK so can service any property that needs a lift installing.

A Spiral Staircase

Another creative feature for a property is a spiral staircase, as these quirky staircases are less common than their straight counterparts. They look grandiose and flamboyant, giving any property an upmarket feel. Spiral staircases only work in certain styles of property, so make sure that homeowners are selective about where they use them in order to create the desired effect and not put off buyers by creating the wrong impression in a home that does not suit this type of staircase.

A Wine Cellar

Wine cellars are more than just a storage space for dusty old bottles; today, they are a status symbol for many homeowners. As such, they make a great addition to a large property that is struggling to sell. If the property already has a cellar, then suggest that the owners kit it out with the latest storage technologies and create a unique space. However, if they don’t have an existing cellar, then you could advise them to extend their home to add one and boost the property’s value, as well as its chances of selling quickly.

A Hot Tub Or Pool

Luxurious bathrooms, hot tubs and even swimming pools are considered the ultimate in luxury living, so if you’re marketing a high-value property and struggling to get buyers interested, then consider suggesting that the owners upgrade their bathrooms or add a pool. Even a small swimming pool or a whirlpool bath can boost interest and make the space feel much more exclusive and indulgent.

A Firepit

Having a fire pit in the garden is a unique way to enjoy outdoor living, and as such these features are highly sought-after by a variety of buyers. There are many different types of firepit on the market, so check out the most popular and help to guide homeowners in the right direction and find a fire pit that accentuates their space.

Helping your sellers to create a property that stands out and entices buyers will boost your chances of selling their home quickly and for the best possible price. Use these ideas to get inspiration and start supporting your clients.

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