The Interior Design Trends that will Help you Sell your Property This Spring

The spring is a great time to put your property on the market – the days are longer, so hosting prospective buyers is easier, there are more buyers looking for homes, so competition is rife, and the interior design trends make for pleasant viewings!

Making your property stand out from the crowd can be a real struggle for vendors, whether you’re a landlord offloading an investment or a homeowner moving house. But picking up on key interior design trends will really help your property stick in the minds of buyers this spring.

Rose Jinks, on behalf of specialist Landlord Insurance provider Just Landlords, has picked out her favourite interior design trends for spring 2017 to help you sell your property:

Get tropical

Tropical prints, textures and objects are big for this year, and are particularly suited to the spring season. Not only will tropical designs help to brighten up and modernise your property, but they will also bring nature indoors, which is a great selling point.

Helping your property seem at one with nature will attract young, vibrant buyers, who will likely be refreshed to walk into a home full of life. Simply placing a large, green plant in the corner of a room will create energy, while adding in some cushions with tropical prints will show buyers how they can put their own spin on the property.

Deco design

Art deco has become such a prominent interior design trend that it is now timeless. And although going all-out deco can be a bit too much (think opulence, not overindulgence), picking key pieces and styles can bring grown-up glamour into any property.

The great thing about deco is that it can be introduced throughout the whole home – get reflective with a large, geometric mirror above the fireplace (which will also help to create the illusion of more space), add in a jewel-toned velvet throw in the master bedroom, and pick out brass finishings where possible (door handles and kitchen utensils are particularly effective).

Nooks and crannies

With house prices so far out of reach for many, most buyers will be looking at a potential home from the ‘get the most for your money’ outlook. For this reason, practical nooks and crannies have never been more on trend.

Transforming an unused corner or empty space within the property will help a buyer see the potential that it has. This could be a cosy reading corner tucked away in the living room, or a little office space at the end of a hallway. Furnishings need not be expensive, but could make a real difference when buyers are pitting one property against another.

The blues

Cobalt blue is a somewhat ageless interior trend, but it’s particularly popular this spring. Not only is it bright and lively, but it’s also earthy and versatile. Blue décor is known to calm occupants down, which should make for very laid-back viewings.

Although the general consensus is to decorate a property in neutral tones (creams, beiges and greys) before trying to sell it – so that it appeals to as many buyers as possible – introducing some cobalt blue into one or a couple of rooms will keep the home on trend and appropriate for the modern buyer. It may even just be a vase or lampshade.

Which interior design trends will you be introducing to try and help you sell your property this spring?

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