Is a Smart Home worth more money?

Being Smart brings to mind a whole host of thoughts… Do you mean being sensible, is it being good at using a Smart Mobile Phone or does it refer to what you control remotely?

Well for this blog we will take a look at all three of these things by way of Smart Technology for your home which each of the elements above describe. Smart Homes / House Automation is explained here in more detail Wikipedia.

Does Smart technology help to increase the value of your home though? Is it what people really want and will the investment you make give you a return on investment when it comes to selling? For sure some people install smart technology to suit their own lifestyles and if when it comes to selling their property it has added value, then it is just a bonus – Others will be designing / renovating / updating their property with a view to add Smart technology to add value.

People’s requirements from their homes are changing and what they valued years ago may have changed over recent years, I have heard that recent surveys show that perspective home owners are wanting faster broadband over larger gardens which is certainly a different way of putting a value to a home.

Let us look at some key benefits of adding Smart technology which can help when it comes to selling / renting property:

  • Saving money. Did you know that on average, approximately 60% of your homes energy bill is spent on heating and for many of us we will sure be heating our homes when we are not present, either to have it warm ready for when we get back, or that the length of time we are out does not really warrant us to turn it off or set the timers etc. By using a smart system, connected via wifi that we can control on our mobiles, we can remotely set our heating times? Maybe you finish work and had the timer set ready to go on an hour before you get back home, though last minute you planned to stop over with a friend, or you decided on a few drinks at the bar after work – These kind of everyday occurrences cost you money and which Smart technology can save you money on. Not only heating, but Smart also offers control over the likes of lighting which can help to energy costs and lifetime of LED bulbs etc. We also have electrical items controlled by Smart, surround sounds / audio, security systems such as alarms / cctv and much more.


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking. Internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Social Media. Writes about UK property prices, housing, politics and affordable homes.

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