John Cleese’s ‘Don’t mention the War / Brexit!’

How Brexit has broken up many friendships, marriages, divided families and much, much more… Let’s face it, for a majority of us it is either Leave or Remain and there is no middle ground!

Anyway, if an ounce of democracy still exists here in the UK then records will show that Leave won and that more people placed their ‘X’ in the leave the EU box that the remain in the EU box. Yes, we voted to leave the EU in full, no open doors for immigration, no multi billion pound compensation bill, no sucking up to Merkel or having to use those burgundy coloured EU passports… It may be painful for many, but Brexit is the direction that has been called for since prime minister Cameron called upon us to take that vote!

Now John Cleese, beloved by many for his Basil Fawlty character and Monthy Python membership, ‘Don’t mention the war‘, ‘I wish to register a complaint, this parrot is no more‘ and ‘And now for something completely different‘ will forever live in our memories despite being challenged nowadays for it being non PC for some daft reason, and now this giant of comedy wishes to part our shores… Brexit is apparently getting to become a too heavy chip for his broad shoulders to bear!

Fancy a conveniently position pad in London for just over £1 million? Well John has given us the opportunity to jump in to his size 12.5 boots and gain yourself a Chelsea Flat (full story on Telegraph). A luxury pad that is only a ten minute silly walk away from Knightsbridge and boasts an on-site caretaker.

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Christopher Walkey

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