Letting Agent Bingo: How to Avoid the Repetitive and Ineffective Sales Slang

Thanks to the internet and people being much more willing to travel further afield to find jobs and accommodation, clients tend to be much savvier when it comes to getting sold on a property. Using online articles to understand the phrases and being open to viewing many places through many letting agents because they know that they can, clients can spot an insincere salesperson from a mile away.

The tactics of old and turns of phrase just aren’t as effective anymore, with a more personable touch being required to land an agreement. Letting agents still have the same role, but many haven’t evolved with the times to recognise this change in customer behaviour. So, to help adopt a new way of thinking, we’re turning to a practice that has managed to evolve a great deal while still being the same at its core: bingo.

Learning from and using bingo

Bingo is a classic and traditional game that struggled to survive in its land-based form simply due to its lack of adaptability. Assuming that it would be big forever, bingo didn’t initially change with the times, resulting in bingo’s once-tremendous footprint shrinking. However, the classic form of gaming did adapt, eventually, and go big on becoming modern.

Modern bingo now takes many forms, all of which are helping traditional land-based bingo make a comeback. There’re new wild live versions like Bongo’s Bingo as well as the expansive online platform of bingo, through which people can play bingo at their convenience as well as variants like bingo slots. Particularly concerning online, bingo managed to adapt to remain relevant and appealing.

Like bingo, letting agents need to adapt their ways to remain relevant in their role with modern customers. Equally, letting agents can utilise the mental cues of the game of bingo to help to adapt their ways.

Picture each client encounter as a game of bingo

There are many well-versed clichés that customers have been warned about and have cottoned onto. Due to the clichés often coating over frailties in the sales pitch, when people recognise them in use, they come off as insincere and are considered not to be genuine immediately. Being honest and clear-cut with your vocabulary is key.

So, consider imagining each of your clients as having a bingo sheet of sales clichés in their mind. You must avoid allowing them to dab a winning line, or preferably, any numbers at all on their sheet. The more they dab, the less likely you are to win their trust and the eventual deal. This rule also extends from clichés to aspects like relentless euphemising and emphasising your glowing opinion, which further sticks out as pushing a sale as opposed to offering genuine help and assistance.

Using this trick can also work in reverse to help ease away from the ingrained sales pitching that customers increasingly don’t respond to, by having your own bingo sheet. Establish a bingo sheet from which you can only use a maximum of one winning bingo line per day, with each box along that line featuring commonly used terms and phrases. This could help you limit and keep you mindful of using the methods that clients see right through these days.

Learn from the adaptation of bingo and utilise the core mechanics of the classic game to help you to become a more appealing, modern letting agent.

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