London Marathon

I thought it would be a good idea today to take a break  from the normal topics of House Prices, General Election, this Portal and that Portal, etc..etc and take a little time to give mention to those in the Property Industry who will be taking part in the London Marathon all in the name of Charity and  of course we applaude everyone  else  who takes part in this wonderful yearly event.

The Virgin London Marathon will be run this Sunday 26th April, what a wonderful spectacle it has become whether being there at the roadside or watching on TV, hearing the buzz of the helicopters overhead or the bands that can be heard along the route, it certainly brings out the emotion in us all.

The centre piece of the spectacle of course are the runners and wheelchair users, lets remember that they would have been out training in all weather all year to prepare for this event and then run the course of the Marathon on a special Sunday in April, how they must feel as they run down or as in case of wheelchair users push themselves down The Mall to the Finish Line, and to add to all that raise money for their charities.

The property industry has a good reputation for raising money for charities, we often see in Local Press what estate agents have done for their community by way of a charity event, The London Marathon is another of such events but on a much bigger scale….Good luck to everyone and have fun, it really is a great day.

Entrants can be checked out and their chosen Charities on the following websites. ……

Allen Walkey

Allen Walkey

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