Marketing Your Online Store? Here are 10 Tips to Successful Ecommerce Marketing

The competition in the market is rampant and condensed, and for this reason, ecommerce marketing is difficult to execute. Right tactics must be implemented, and to be followed in an exact order, to keep ahead in the competition. Granted, there are many strategies that exist out there, but this post explores the ten most useful tips to follow to successfully market your online store.

  • Popups before Exit

An effective way to build a customer’s base is through email marketing. This makes popups useful, and adding them before people exit the website aids in building the email list. If you’re actively looking for a way to build your email list, this is the highly suggested tactic to use. Here, you can offer discounts, guides, and anything that matches your brand line. Beyond popups, make sure to place email forms all over your website.

  • Capture the Abandoned Cart

The moment a customer puts a product in the shopping cart, this signifies interest in purchasing that item from your store. Many customers, however, abandon the cart without checking anything out. Recovering these abandoned carts is vital, as this will be the basis of targeting sales tactics for the product. You can perform this through popups, reminding them that they can still make a purchase. You can also offer a discount to convince them to complete the product purchase. Moreover, you also have the option to send personalized emails about the abandoned cart within 24 hours after it was left. Upon the 3rd email, send discounts. Also consider persuading the readers by using customer reviews and ratings as email content.

  • Do Remarketing and Retargeting

Both Google and Facebook have the capacity to show the abandoned cart items back to the people who visited your store. Google has the remarketing feature which converts data through the use of display ad campaigns, while Facebook uses retargeting by incorporating Facebook pixel to the website. These show items your customers have seen before, but have not made the decision to purchase yet. Showing the ads frequently, along with enticing them with discounts, can bring them back to your website.

  • Write a Blog Post

Engaging audience with content helps drives traffic, and this can be done through blogging. This cannot be just any content, however, as you need to make sure that these are valuable and interesting enough to keep customers coming. Using long tail keywords can also help your content rank higher in the search engine result pages. Adding visual elements to make posts more appealing is also highly suggested – remember that quality over quantity is how you play the game. Writing may not be your forte, but there are plenty of options available across the net to get content. For instance, specializes in different content writing forms, and materials are written by professionals. If you do not have the time and capacity to write, then hiring writers is the best option for you. Remember that blogging is one of the most effective ways to inform your writers about the products you offer, convince them to buy, and then make sales.

  • Downloadable Offers

Downloadable offers are effective for two reasons. One, it provides value to your users and two, it helps build your email list. For example, you can generate a guide to homeware for your homeware store products. Writing an eBook and promoting about it can be done across the internet, not just in your platforms. A good return of investment through ecommerce marketing is expected.

  • Launch a Facebook Store

According to research, Facebook remains to be the fastest growing network for marketing with over 2.2 billion active users monthly. This makes Facebook, and the opportunities it offers, too big to ignore, especially as you execute your ecommerce marketing strategy. Before sailing the ship, make sure to analyze your audience’s behavior and add the store accordingly. Some consumers trust Facebook enough to shop directly on it, and this will make your Facebook store more effective. Facebook also offers a feature that can help you target people to get good returns.

  • Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing requires attention and time in order to be able to make for an effective ecommerce marketing strategy. Shoot emails to acquire new customers, but also consider the old ones. The email content for the already existing customers must be nurturing, to lead them to become loyal customers. This can be executed by providing special discounts to customers, and reminding them through notifications about the items they’re interested in, but are yet to purchase.

  • Utilize and Ask for Online Reviews

Seeing online reviews made by other customers helps develops trust, which is an integral factor for purchase. Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews and ratings after they make purchases. More than aiding the sales and abandoned carts, this helps customers trust your brand and become loyal to it. Should you receive negative reviews, remember to always respond and remain positive.

  • Share User-Generated Content

Chances are your customers will post about your products on social media, and it will be advantageous to you if you repost them on your social media channels. This can be a thank you to the customer by showcasing the content he or she has made, and helps future customers trust your brand. This gives them the confidence boost needed to decide on a purchase. Another way to utilize this strategy is to reach out to influencers in the industry to create content about your product and share them to their followers. This can be done in exchange of something, whatever your agreement may be.

  • Use of Ecommerce SEO

When you generate content, make sure to use the right keywords and follow the only best practices that come with on-page SEO. Build authority and credibility of your online store through link building and earning activities. If you’re new to SEO, check out the comprehensive ecommerce SEO guide available online, and look for the right tactics that fits with your online store.

These are only some ecommerce marketing tips gathered, but they are the best practices out there and will help your online store flourish. These will help you drive more sales, build trust, and of course, stay ahead in the difficult market competition.

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