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We have written a number of blogs about Google analytics and how they should be used but one feature that stands out in terms of measuring performance is the goals that you set. Goals can effectively measure anything if you set them up in the right way but in order to keep this simple, we will stick to the example of someone filling out a valuation form. You will be able to check how many times people have completed your forms and where the traffic came from once they are set up. This allows you to measure your most successful marketing channels and see where you can increase or cut back your spending!

There are the steps to setting up your goals:

1) Log into Google analytics
2) Go to the Admin tab in the navigation bar
3) In the 3rd column on the Admin page (view) click on ‘Goals’.
4) Click on the big red button that says new goals!

This will now take you into the goal set up section. You can set up whichever goals you like but as I said we will stick with something simple like a contact us form!

There are 3 stages to this section; Goal setup, Goal description and Goal details.

1) Under Goal Setup click on ‘Contact us’, which is under the sub heading ‘Inquiry’. Click continue.
2) Name the goal and then click on ‘destination’ under the type sub-heading. Click continue.
3) Under goal details you need to select ‘equals to’ and then put the URL that is displayed when a form is complete e.g. /contact us/complete.
4) Click save!

Now you can go back to the home tab and you will find your goals under Conversions > Goals > Overview. If you want to see the source of where your goals come from, simply click source/medium which is located in the bottom left of the overview page.

Ultimately these goals are your chance to see how well your website is performing and what your best marketing channels are. If your calls to actions aren’t generating enough goal completions based on the level of traffic you have then you know it is a good time to change them and try something new. We supply all of our clients with a monthly report which details all aspects of their website so they know exactly how well their site is doing. This is all accessible through our Estateweb CMS.


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