Most tenants satisfied with landlords

According to research commissioned by Paragon Mortgages approx 80% of tenants living in the Private Rented Centre are satisfied with their landlords, the research was carried out during the first quarter of the year by BDRC Continental.

The researchers asked 500 tenants living in the PRS for their views on both their current tenancy and what were their future plans for their housing needs.

A fifth of respondents said in the long-term they plan to buy their own home and 35% said they expect to stay in the PRS, 82% said they consider the property they rent to be their home and 70% said they perceived the rent they pay to be either good or very good value for money.

When asked about extending their tenancy agreements 12% of tenants said they felt uncomfortable about approaching their landlord with such a request, infact 6% who had asked were refused, 57% said they had always been happy with the tenancy offered.

John Heron, Director of Mortgages for Paragon reportedly said,  “The tenant research for Q1 is really interesting. It is important that we understand the world from the tenant’s viewpoint so we can continue to deliver products that support better standards in the PRS.




Allen Walkey

Allen Walkey

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