My Periscope property journey so far………

I am lucky enough to be poolside in Port de Pollenca, Spain as I write this article, safe in the knowledge that everything at ACE Property Management is in good hands. My experienced team have already told me to stop bothering them and to just relax and enjoy the sunshine.

You may be thinking ‘What the hell am I doing blogging on holiday?’, well when something’s hot you have gotta move fast. I’m talking about Periscope.

If you follow me on twitter @acepropertyNash you’ll by now be aware that I have been live streaming my portfolio of available rental properties since April. The app which is not even 3 months old yet is expanding rapidly and becoming an industry game changer in my eyes. I’m here to tell you that if you want to stay relevant you need to pay attention and keep up.

But there’s more……… I’m not just talking about the power of a live walk through I’m also using it as a management tool. Periscope allows me to stay in touch with my staff, to keep landlords informed and up to date with ongoing repairs and with my tradesman who often try and describe a problem they have found, well now they can show me, LIVE! Brilliant……

Example 1;
How often has a plumber tried to talk you through a boiler fault or a leaking sink waste? You get the idea and can picture in your head what he is talking about but to actually be there with him, with the added benefit of being anywhere at any time meeting the other demands involved in this role, not only makes me more efficient and effective as a Property Manager, however, it could make how you report the repair to the landlord a lot easier. As the plumber streams the issue straight to me in my office I can see and interact with the issue allowing me to be far more knowledgeable when it comes to updating the landlord. Hey, if necessary, the landlord could also live stream and see the problem for themselves! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about cutting corners, there are still times when you must attend a property to inspect repairs and check work but as a time saving tool this can not be over looked.

There is also the added bonus that the tradesman in the property can live stream to the agent and landlord privately. The app lets you stream openly to anyone that wants to view or you can restrict to specific viewers.

I believe solid relationships between landlords and agents are built on communication. Hidden costs and unknown repair bills are the main reasons for landlords moving agencies. Periscope will strengthen relationships letting your landlords know you are moving with times, improving your service by using the latest technology.

Example 2;
A tenant calls to report a faulty hoover. The first questions are always: “Have you changed the bag, checked the fuse?”. If the tenant live streams the problem to you it possibly saves a tradesman call out. You have seen the problem and can react quickly, therefore saving time, money and inconvenience to both the landlord and tenant, respectively.

I watched my Property Manager, Charlie’s live stream yesterday as he prepared to show a flat in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. It was his first time and it was obvious he was nervous and slightly uncomfortable with this unique situation, however, he got the property details across and answered questions from viewers quickly and accurately. As a business owner on holiday to see my staff promoting our stock was very impressive.

Should there be any issues whilst I’m away my colleagues and I can easily connect through Periscope and I can advise and instruct on repairs or any issues.

The emergence of new technology and apps from the guys at @getretech , @gofalkon , @KnockerApp , @movebubble , @Pi_Labs , @benutech and @rightmovepro to name a few are improving the options and services we can provide to our clients. Renting or selling the market is evolving and the use of social platforms is continuing to shape our industry.

If you are new to Periscope and don’t know where to start just follow Mark Shaw @markshaw and Alex Pettitt @Alexpettitt . these guys are leading the way in Periscope training and brilliant streams. They are happy to answer questions and develop this exciting new app one video at a time!

A massive thanks to Mark and Alex as there streams have given me excellent tips and hints which are benefiting ACE Property Management and my clients.

I can hear the older generation of Property Managers and agents grumbling now. They will not be ready to embrace change and advancing technology. “We’ve always done things this way and have had no complaints.” That’s fine but the younger generation, the generation of renters and young landlords will be using Periscope and trust me you’ll be chasing the forward thinking companies when you try to catch up!

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