News update: Where we are with Estate Agent Networking.

Thought it was just the right time to give another little update to who we are and what we look to achieve at Estate Agent Networking. Firstly we would like to point out that the website started after our launch of the UK’s now largest estate agency group on LinkedIn which in itself is highly successful in bringing industry participants together, sharing information and general feed back on news and changes that affect the property industry as a whole, our current LinkedIn membership which is an integral part of our website is at 11,150, feel free to join our group here:

The benefit of having our own LinkedIn group is that most debates on different subjects take place with full transparency re posters and their posts, this way we avoid nonsense posts which waste everybody’s time (ie rants between one or more alias accounts) yet which can aid some other member sites to appear more successful when they use it as a yardstick for their success (just like the string of irrelevant posts under many Youtube videos you may have watched recently etc). We aim to keep replies and debates to a minimum on the site itself, our news and information blogs are meant for the busy Estates and Letting Agency business community, who have limited time to go searching for that industry news and information that is so important for the efficient running of their agency.

Our Twitter following passed the 20,000 mark only recently, 20,550 to be precise, our Twitter campaign is constant and is overseen by Christopher Walkey who over the past few years has been very committed to highlighting the importance of social media, especially genuine target followers, in business, he has often given talks on the London circuit on the use of and how social media can benefit Estate and Letting Agents when used correctly, he regularly writes about social media for the Negotiator Magazine, judges on social media at the Zoopla property awards and has consulted for many agents nationally.

estate agent networking progress

Social media plays a big and active part in promoting the Top 1,000 Agents and Top 500 supplier leaderboards which appear on the website (#EAUK200 & #EAUK500), this maintains a high level of interactivity which can be seen by checking the numbers and regularity of tweets and re-tweets, many agents and suppliers use our leaderboards to judge their overall social media success weekly. We also launched last year, and continue to admin on Twitter, our #PropHour which takes places every Monday evening between 8-9pm, which a growing number of the industry uses to chat, debate, share news/views/advice and many more positive activities. We like to use our strong social media presence to benefit estate agents with regular industry news and informative blog posts as well as interesting and enjoyable extensions to social media such as the leaderboards and hashtag hours – In turn, this provides advertisers an active target and responsive community to showcase their brands to.

Social media by way of Twitter and our LinkedIn group is the force which drives the readers to our website, they then read our blogs and news should they so wish and have the opportunity to check out the industry suppliers who advertise with us. This is what traditional ‘network marketing‘ is all about, we have simply taken it on from that early morning, English breakfast networking event that I am sure many of you have attended once or twice in your lives, to putting it all online with social media, yet keeping things as ‘real‘ as possible where everyone is a real person within our community rather than an alias or hidden behind a company branding.

Our news and blogs are written by a varied number of people attached to the industry in a number of ways, you can meet the writers if you go to Key Writers page, our blogs are complemented by daily “breaking news” items, except for weekends (we are an educational networking platform rather than just a breaking news site). Our advertisers are very important to us as they provide the revenue which keeps the site operational, it is therefore so very important we keep the number of quality, genuinely interested readers to the maximum we possibly can, so that advertisers get the best possible exposure and results for their business. We are pleased that some of our advertisers have taken the opportunity to sponsor a section which gives them even more exposure than they already have, anyone who has monitored our progress closely will see the steady increase of advertisers and sponsors on Estate Agent Networking, we hope that this is the visual yardstick for our positive growth within our industry.

We are always keeping a close eye on the property industry in general and are constantly looking at ways of improving our website, it is our intention to introduce new features in the near future.

We know blowing our own trumpet maybe a little vain but sometimes it is necessary so that the community are aware of the effort we are making to promote our site to an even wider audience than at present.

Please see our website as a sharing tool for your business and an educational one to those who are looking to improve their businesses. All our contributors are respected names in the industry and share their thoughts and expertise genuinely on the website, we hope this gives the industry a wider view of what is happening. We love #proptech and like to give everyone an equal opportunity to shine from our national suppliers such as Rightmove and Zoopla, to startup concepts with limited marketing funds and industry connections.

Recent comments from our users towards Estate Agent Networking include:

“Estate Agent Networking is a valuable resource for insights, tips and advice from industry experts on growing an agency’s business and consistently delivering top quality customer service.” Rajeev Nayyar, Fixflo.

“Since we began posting content on EAUK we have seen our referral traffic increase with many new visitors to our website, which has generated some interesting leads. Our content is always shared on Twitter and LinkedIn which has helped with our referral traffic too as people engage with their posts!” Adam Clack, Technicweb.

“It is exactly what the industry needs, a place to share ideas with a common goal in mind.” Chris Kyriacou, EAanalytics.

“The website is a strong platform for property companies to voice opinions and promote services and the social media leaderboards are a great way to measure activity against competitors.” Robin Rathore, Bamboo Auctions.

“The industry insight from other professionals is valuable as a gauge of where the industry is going and where we need to be.” Alex Evans, Estate Apps.

“The articles on Estate Agent Networking are very impressive.” Rob Dunster, Pay as you go Homes.

“Estate Agent Networking is the most reputable convergence platform for all estate agents in the UK and we’re very proud to associate with it.” Tijan Penpee, CompareHomes.


Estate Agent Networking: “Bringing the industry closer together”.


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