Northern Ireland to see Greggs opening multiple shops.

Savills who acts on behalf of Greggs is reported to have now confirmed that Greggs, the popular high street bakery chain, is indeed looking to expand it’s services across Northern Ireland. (Though it was reported on the Irish News website that Greggs in fact refused the claims of them looking to expand their services in Northern Ireland – Full story back in October 28th 2015 here).

A report on retail is quoted as saying: “Major hype has focused on the long-awaited arrival of bakery giant Greggs, which plans to open multiple outlets throughout the province.”

Savills, which is acting for the UK chain, referred to the company’s arrival in Northern Ireland in a report on retail.”

Further reading is available from the Belfast Telegraph online with quotes including:

“Greggs is set to open one new store in Boucher Road, with two others – as yet unconfirmed by the firm – in the heart of Belfast city centre.”




“Meanwhile, Greggs has submitted a planning application for an outlet at ground floor of Scottish Provident Building at Donegall Square West, its third stand-alone in Belfast. Greggs will just be a few doors down from top-end cake store Patisserie Valerie.”


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