OnTheMarket responds to Zoopla. Ian Springett says… …

Ian Springett, Chief Executive of OnTheMarket.com, said: 

“OnTheMarket.com has now clearly established itself as a serious player within the property portals market.
“Since our launch four months ago OnTheMarket.com has already taken almost one quarter of the estate and letting agent members from Zoopla Property Group. Less than 10% of OnTheMarket.com’s member firms are using Zoopla as their other portal.​
“In just one week this month, over one million visits were recorded across OnTheMarket.com and its iPhone and Android apps. The traffic is made-up of impressive levels of new and returning visitors. Every month since launch our membership, our traffic figures and our property listings have increased. What’s more, last week OnTheMarket.com registered a record number of leads passed to member agents.
“In addition, OnTheMarket.com has already overtaken Zoopla in many areas across the UK with its number of property listings, meanwhile new member agents joining OnTheMarket.com continue to rise week on week.
“It is becoming increasingly known within the industry that OnTheMarket.com has gained a reputation for providing its member agents with quality leads from active property-seekers as opposed to casual surfers. This is reinforced by its exclusive property listings which are uploaded to OnTheMarket.com ahead of any other portal. This means OnTheMarket.com has become a ‘must-view’ website for serious property-seekers.
“According to Zoopla’s 2014 annual report, its recorded visits in 2009 reached two million per month so OnTheMarket.com‘s 3.5 million visits in just its third full month was a tremendous achievement.
“Zoopla should be in no doubt: OnTheMarket.com is here to stay and we remain confident in becoming the number two portal by the end of January 2016 on our way to achieving our medium term objective of challenging the market leader.”


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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