Organising Your Office Move: A Guide

If you are considering an office move, the vast number of elements that you will have to think about in order to move can be disorientating and make it difficult to establish your priorities. If you are struggling to organise your office move, then this article can guide you through some of the most important elements that will help the move to go smoothly.

Find the right suppliers

The importance of finding the right suppliers of your goods such as furniture or services that you use is incredibly high, as this can affect the running of your business when it opens. If you have unreliable suppliers who provide you with low quality goods or services that will soon be in need of repair, this can impact your profits, leave you in debt due to unexpected costs, and potentially mean that you will have to close your business for a limited period.

To find the right suppliers, My Office Move provides you with office moving help in London through its database of reliable suppliers, from packers to IT assistance, as well as a database of the best shared offices to rent. This can make it easy to find a range of suppliers all in one place and ensure that you know who to call when you need assistance.

What services may you need for the move?

Having extra help can be incredibly useful when you are moving office. Services can help you with areas in which you may not be overly skilled at, such as IT, or can boost your manpower if you run a small company. It can also help to take some of the strain off throughout the moving process.

This is because they take away much of the pressure of moving by deftly handling tasks which you cannot prioritise, leaving you to focus on the most important elements of moving and business.

Here are three services that you might find useful in your moving process.

• Lawyer
One of the most vital aspects of moving that you may not realise that you need to organise is getting a lawyer. Moves are not always simple, especially for businesses with employees and other additional elements, and so sitting down with a lawyer to discuss any aspects of your contract which you are not happy with will help to make sure that the move is as stress free and as easy as possible.

• Removal Services
In a practical sense, you may also need removal services which can help you to transfer your current equipment to your new location, as well as pack all of your possessions. They can also help you to organise your stock and prepare for the final de-cluttering of your office building. This can help you to move without having to hire a van or make multiple journeys.

• IT Assistance
Once you have moved into your new office, you should also consider finding services that will benefit your business and help it to get up and running quickly, such as IT assistance and telecoms. These can help you to modernise your office through tech, and tailor the technology to your specific business in no time at all.

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