Post Brexit: What the government can do to stimulate the housing economy after Brexit

If Brexit does go ahead at the end of October then there is little doubt that the housing market will be hugely impacted. The Estate & Letting Agents Association UK is asking Estate and Letting agents throughout the UK to contribute their opinions to its report for the UK government to advise on how both central and local government can stimulate the housing economy in the months and even years after Brexit.

‘The report will look at how not only central government can help stimulate the UK market post Brexit but will also look at how each local council can help both lessen the effects of Brexit and increase the housing market in their area.’ Says Michael Simms of ELAA-UK

‘We will be presenting a report to the Government but we will also be providing a number of reports to local councils and MP’s to inform them what they can do to stimulate their local housing market post Brexit.’ ELAA-UK says that the aim of these reports is to provide more detailed and specialised advice based on the requirements of each localised area of the UK as Simms explains: ‘we understand each area has different needs and what might be right for one area may not work as well for another area for example what stimulates the housing market in the South may not be the same for Yorkshire or Scotland so in addition to the reports on the UK housing market post Brexit we are asking local agents to provide us with their opinions of how they think their local housing market can protected from the effects of Brexit and what they believe local councils and MP’s can do to help the housing economy recover after Brexit in their specific areas.’

The report which is being compiled by The Estate & Letting Agents Association UK together with business consultants will include analysis of the UK housing market over the last four years and look at the future post Brexit, it will include detailed analysis of what effects Brexit may have on the UK housing economy as well as the effects that it could have in different parts of the UK.

The report will also provide advice on how Estate and Letting agents can protect themselves from these as well as advice to agents on how they can increase confidence both pre and post Brexit.

The association states that the report will again highlight to government bodies the importance of local agents and the role they play in both local communities and the housing market as a whole. It will inform the government that they should provide more advice and assistance to agents particularly during turbulent times as we may see in the near future.

The report will be submitted to the Government in September and ELAA-UK is asking all agents to provide them with their input and opinions by sending them to [email protected] by August 16th. The report will be available for ELAA-UK members to view via the member zone of the ELAA-UK website (

The ELAA-UK is also conducting a number of other reports and analysis for the housing market specifically for estate and letting agents, to find out more about The Estate & Letting Agents Association UK or to become an approved member of the association visit their website at

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