Why Companies are Choosing to Move to King’s Cross

While people across the world might associate King’s Cross with Harry Potter, there is so much more to the area than the major movie franchise and the iconic train station.

The revitalised rail hub now features impressive offices, exceptional restaurants and picturesque walkways, which are attracting some of the finest brands on the planet.

If you are considering entering the business hub to grow your brand, find out why companies are choosing to move to King’s Cross.


Forget about Silicon Valley. Companies wanting to immerse themselves in a vibrant tech scene should look no further than popular King’s Cross in London. It will allow them to associate themselves with some of the finest technology companies in the world, such as:
• Google UK
• Alan Turing Institute
• Expedia Group
Facebook (Opening in 2021)
• Brainpool
• InMotion Ventures
• Toyota Connected

If you want to align yourself with the above tech giants, you can find the perfect office rental in Kings Cross at The Workplace Company.

Draw Top Talent to Your Business

You can guarantee candidates will be queuing down the road to work for your business, should you choose to relocate your small or large organisation to the growing rail hub. After all, who wouldn’t want to work in a neighbourhood that’s home to the likes of Google, Snapchat and Facebook? So, the location could help you to take your pick from the best talent in the UK, which could help your brand to grow from strength to strength.

Greater Connectivity to London and Europe

In addition to establishing itself as a forward-thinking tech hub, King’s Cross offers not one but two rail stations: the Eurostar terminal and the tube, which will provide quick access to various areas of London, such as:
• Piccadilly
• Victoria
• Metropolitan
• Hammersmith
• City and northern lines

The superb transport links can help companies to recruit the best talent in the Big Smoke, while improving connectivity for customers, clients, suppliers and business partners.

A Creative Vibe

In addition to being the proud home to not one, not two but three Google offices, King’s Cross offers a cool, creative vibe that is making it the place for businesses to move to in 2019.

In addition to offering attractive walkways and fantastic bars and restaurants, businesses of all sizes will be a short distance away from the headquarters for some of the biggest and best brands in the country, such as New Look, The Guardian, Universal Music Group, Havas and Louis Vuitton. It, therefore, provides a youthful and vibrant community that can complement your company’s reputation.


Any company looking to make the move to London should seriously consider King’s Cross. Thanks to its recent revitalisation, it is now home to jaw-dropping office spaces, an exciting food and drink scene and picturesque surroundings.

Plus, it will allow your organisation to become associated with some of the finest tech brands in the world while embracing a creative scene that will attract some of the brightest talent in the UK.

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