How powerful is your voice on Social Media?

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What is the purpose of social media for you business? Is it to build brand awareness, maybe to build your personal profile, are you looking to sell more, what about building better relationships in your community, you could have a point to prove or an opinion to share… Well, whatever it is you have in mind then social media can deliver your message.

Love it or hate it, newbie or old hat, you may have not even have tried it yet, but social media is here to stay and for many businesses and people across the world it is helping to build reputations, building wealth and building brands – If everyone else is doing it then why not you!?

What counts though with social media is just how powerful your voice is on social media which boils down to the quality of your audiences.

One thing I would say is not always to be fooled with numbers, as hard as it can be to appreciate, but sometimes an audience of 100 is far better than an audience of 10,000… It all boils down to quality of audience which will in turn help to improve the results you receive from your endeavours from tweeting, posting, sharing etc.

So, how do you maintain a powerful voice in the world of social media for estate agency?

  • Maintain Consistency: Be it words, images, videos, comments and more, each and every time you communicate on social media you need to make sure you maintain a consistency with what you share. By changing consistency you can find yourself upsetting your audience on social media as you are in fact weakening your identity which is why people follow you – If you have a bigger company with more than one person running your social media then make sure they are all inline with your brand identity.
  • Listen to your Audiences: So you have built an audience then you must engage with them! If you have spent time and money building audiences on social media then it is important that you listen to what they say and understand their behaviour so that what you share can be studied and improve on (social media management software will help you understand your social media activity analytics better).
  • Do not buy fake followers & remain original: One way to turn people off your account is by buying fake followers. Yes, 100,000 followers looks great and will attract people to you as being assumed as a key influencer, but if you are caught out then you will quickly lose followers and most certainly any reputation you have built. You can nowadays cheat and purchase 1,000’s of fake followers, likes, members for next to nothing, but this will not improve the quality of your voice on social media and have higher negative effective over positive. If you share content then do your best always that your content is yours from a blog to a photo, if what you share is original then you will maximise your profile and reputation and it will once again be ruined if you are caught sharing other peoples content especially if you are trying to pass it off as your own!




Author: Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn.


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