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Property Investment & Interior Design Trends for 2019

Are you looking to redesign rooms in your home? Make your home look like it was professionally decorated with these 6 luxury interior design trends that we’re over the moon about. Perhaps you are in the property renovation game and looking to increase value and salability of your property flipping purchase and want to hone in on the current hottest design trends well this the article for you! We spoke with property experts from UK Bridging Loans who have years of experience at turning a profit in property and have some of the best rates available (you can check your R.I.O with this handy bridging loans calculator) Let’s look at what is hot coming into 2019.

Spa Bathrooms

Who wouldn’t want a spa in their home? Well, according to recent Internet searches quite a few people like this idea of luxury living. In fact, searches for home spas have increased as much as 269% since last year. If you’re ready to invite tranquility and relaxation into your home opt for a spa-like bathroom that have minimalist details and calming earthy tones.

Add Texture to Your Space

How do you add texture to a home interior design? Why not start with fabric such as velvet and leather. These fabrics make bold statements and are ideal for bedroom furnishings such as headboards, but are also great for quilted chairs and other living room pieces.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

If you think house plants were yesterday, think again. House plants add color and life to homes. However, if you want to stay on trend, add patterned plants to your interior spaces. Plants with intricate patterns in their leaves are the easiest and most inexpensive way to update the look of any room.

Bold Ceilings

Don’t confuse a bold ceiling with throwing some color on the ceiling. In 2019, ceiling are meant to make a statement. Look for an inventive way to decorate your ceiling. Examples of statement ceilings include adding tiling, wallpapering the space, or in some cases adding a 3D effect. Take a quick look at Pinterest and search for statement ceilings and you’re sure to find some interesting ideas that might just work for your space.

Earth Tones

Get rooted in your space with earth tones. One of the easiest ways to change the look of a room is to change the paint color and switch out pillows and throws. To stay on trend, stick with earthy neutrals that create peaceful feelings. Examples of colors that are big in 2018 and going forward include muted green shades that have slight grey undertones with sage coming in as the big winner. Sage pairs beautifully with a cream color palette and wood accents. If sage isn’t your favorite color, consider other soft colors in olive, jade, and mustard tones.


Lastly, if you’re looking for a clean and fresh look consider stripping your walls of all color and going for an all white effect. Add pops of bright colors such as orange, royal blue, and tomato red. Purchase sturdy, long-lasting furniture in these bright colors to create a stark contrast again the plain, white walls.

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