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The increasing number of British agents moving to Dubai

If you love the real estate market and are looking to expand your horizons, consider moving to Dubai. In recent years, we’re seeing an influx of British agents moving to Dubai. This is mainly because of the many opportunities it presents for an agent in real estate. The relationship between the UK & UAE has remained stable even years before the UAE’s independence in 1971. Ever since then, the British have flocked to Dubai and many of them have managed to make it their home.

Dubai’s economic prosperity, tax-free living, and the numerous business opportunities have changed the lives of many British expats. Most of them have decided to have families and invest in property and land there as well. Besides this, Dubai is going through its next phase of development which includes an influx of construction and by extension, the need for great agents to sell these properties. Add this to a very healthy interest in the property market, and you get lots of opportunities to get a tax free income.

Life is good for a British agent in Dubai who is well-versed with the market. While you need to work in partnership with a company, it tends to have many benefits. It’s quite standard to work on commission, with varying structures depending on what level you are on the corporate ladder, your sales record, and more. Most companies also tend to provide a car, mobile phone, and laptop for you to work from. They will also help you with several marketing channels, but using social media to your advantage could result in a great number of leads. 90% of the population in the UAE have a smartphone, so they’re very media savvy. Medical insurance will also be covered by the company as it is mandatory by law. You will also need to pass the RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) exams in order to be a licensed broker. This involves a couple of training days at the agency. You will need to give the exam on a yearly basis. Besides this, it may be worth tapping into the British expat community on various Facebook groups as well as networking with the British Business Group Dubai, where you’ll always find a Brit ready to help you hit the ground running.

Sounds good so far? Besides this, Dubai provides amazing facilities to live-in as well as a higher standard of living. It recently ranked as one of the top 10 favorite expat destinations in the world according to a survey by HSBC. Besides the fact that there is sunshine all year round; the easy connectivity through its 3 airports enables you to fly home whenever you please. There are dozens of flights daily to various cities in the U.K., so you can literally leave ‘at the drop of the hat’. Dubai is also one of the more liberal cities in the Middle East, it’s easy to get swept up on the Friday brunch train – a favorite pastime of almost all the expats. Let’s not forget the great proximity to the beaches and amazing shopping malls. The childcare in Dubai is also much cheaper, as is house help. This is truly a city that’s larger than life, it’s no wonder that many Brits are that enamored by it. However, if you have an industry to choose to get into – it’s real estate.

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