Property Management: Your Chance to Shine

If you turn the pages of a newspaper these days, you will notice a raft of stories on the rental market from costs, regulation and property standards

Tenants hold the key to the next general election and therefore your business is being placed at the heart of the political battlefield.

The result? Changes in the industry look inevitable, as the improvement of standards in the private rental sector is a common aim across the political spectrum.

Whether as part of a drive towards accreditation or increased regulation, consumers (both landlords and tenants) are set to be better educated about their rights and, hopefully, their responsibilities.

Getting set in advance will ensure that your business not only survives but thrives in light of increased demands.

Boasting Expert knowledge

Demonstrating your expertise and experience within the sector has extra value to consumers.

Easy to digest, periodic updates through a newsletter or blog on conditions of the market and regulatory background to existing clients can underline the benefits of your managed property service.

Don’t be afraid to shout out about new company announcements. This will give you the chance to open a dialogue with prospective clients and to highlight your credentials.

Providing local newspapers with commentary and insight on the changes to the lettings industry will create a trigger in the minds of potential customers.

If you are successful, this means that every time they hear about changes to the lettings industry they think of you, your business and your expertise.

Sell the steak as well as the sizzle

While your knowledge is important, being able to demonstrate high quality systems and robust processes will underpin your position in the market.

Landlords will often look at these in great detail before deciding whether or not to manage their own property.

For example, you may mention access to mainstream listing portals when pitching for transactional work.  Make sure you can do the same when selling your property management service.

Understand your target market to tailor your messages appropriately.  Accidental landlords may be more impressed by your ability to protect what is likely to be their single largest asset while institutional and portfolio landlords are more likely to be swayed by the efficiencies you can drive and the metrics you can give them.

How does Fixflo fit into the lettings equation?

Fixflo supplies letting agencies and property managers with market leading repairs software systems.

From a 40 language guided repair reporting system to a streamlined report to resolution workflow, we help letting agencies to deliver a high-quality repairs service with less effort.

By capturing key data throughout the system you have the metrics you need to drive continuous improvement and resolve bottlenecks before they become a significant issue.

Fixflo is already providing the repair software systems to hundreds of letting agencies and property managers across the UK.

Fixflo clients have commented:

“A simply fantastic way for your tenants to report maintenance in a clear, concise and accurate way.” Mike K Butters, Director of Milburys

“We have been using Fixflo for more than nine months and find that it considerably eases the workload in our repairs function and allows us to deliver repairs more quickly.” Simon Waring, Communications Director of Hodders

“Our phones have been instantly quieter in the repairs department, allowing us more time to prioritise repairs and turn them around more quickly.” John Horsburgh, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Rent Locally

Fixflo’s pricing starts from £40 plus VAT per month and has a free no-obligation trial.

Setting up your own Fixflo website with your logo, colour scheme and customised guidance to tenants takes just a few minutes.

To find out more visit or contact us.



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