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PropertyHeads.com has just launched a tool that provides valuation leads to agents completely free of charge, via a Request Valuation button on all agent profiles.

PropertyHeads.com is also offering agents a Request Valuation tool, similar to the traditional portals, sharing valuation leads with up to three local agents. What’s more, agents don’t pay, instead valuation leads are provided to local agents that are engaging with home movers on the PropertyHeads.com’s social network.

If a valuation lead comes via the agent’s own profile, it is restricted to that individual agent. Agents can have profiles on the leading portals, but they pay extra for the privilege. In addition, the portals don’t put a valuation button on the profile, because they want maximise charges, by selling those leads to multiple agents.

PropertyHeads.com’s leads come from people with a profile and a timeline, so agents typically have much more information to determine the quality of the lead. Also, unlike traditional portals, PropertyHeads.com’s social network and Instant Messaging provides a platform for agents to engage and build relationships with vendors, in a way traditional portals never have.

Ben Davis, Chief Executive of PropertyHeads.com commented: “It was recently announced that Rightmove who charge up to £300 for such leads, will now share those leads with up to five agents (up from four). Rightmove makes agents pay heavily for valuations, on top of subscription fees. If agents have an agent profile on Rightmove, it’s hidden away, not very flexible and it certainly doesn’t have a Get Valuation button like PropertyHeads.com.

“We only send valuation alerts to three agents, free of charge. This is an example of how we approach things differently. We want to support agents with a range of services that help them secure vendors and provide a viable alternative to the major portals.

“Whether the valuation comes via the tool or the profile button, unlike traditional portals, all our users have a PropertyHeads.com profile and timeline, similar to how they would have on Facebook. Therefore our leads should be much richer in terms of data.

“Our approach helps agents connect with their clients and prospects and grow their businesses. Free valuation leads are just one way we do this. We think traditional portals do a decent job of providing buyer and tenants leads, but vendor leads (as well as landlord leads) don’t happen at the click of a button. They need to be nurtured over time and that is precisely why we give agents a social network and instant messaging.

“We’ve also just doubled the size of our agent representatives team and we will be visiting agents in Essex, Yorkshire, Surrey and Hampshire in the coming weeks with the intention of having them join the platform.

For more information, please visit www.propertyheads.com.

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