Relocating for Work? Here’s How You Can Sell Your Home Fast

If you are relocating for work, you will probably need to sell your home fast. Thankfully, there are several ways in which the process can be sped up. Here are the tips you need to know.

Get a Corporate Relocation Appraisal

When you are selling your home due to work relocation, you can make the process smoother and faster by having a relocation appraisal. It provides your company with an estimated sale price, which helps your boss to put together an accurate compensation package. Of course, you will also receive a relocation appraisal yourself so that you can know how much your home is estimated to be worth. With an estimated value, the relocation appraiser will also be able to provide an estimated projected timeframe for the sale. In certain circumstances, employers offer employees a guaranteed buyout to make the selling process quicker. A GBO is basically a safety net in case you are unable to sell your home over an agreed period.

Start Selling Processes Early On

When you need to sell your home quickly, it is best to take care of as many things as you can early on. That includes the conveyancing process, which involves the legal transfer of property, and instructing a solicitor. Conveyancers and solicitors can then start handling admin work. The sooner things like contracts are drawn up, title deeds are applied for, and planning consent certificates are dealt with, the quicker the selling process will be.

Make Sure Your Home Is Marketed in Multiple Ways

Of course, you also need to get an estate agent early on. The sooner your home is on the market, the sooner you can sell it. Make sure your estate agent is promoting your property in multiple ways, such as including it on online property portals and having a For Sale sign outside of your home. But you should also be proactive yourself. Spread the word to friends, family members, work colleagues, and neighbours. Word of mouth can be a powerful thing for finding a quick buyer. Also, take advantage of estate agent services like holding open house events. At the end of the day, the more effort that is put into marketing your home, the quicker it will sell.

Take an Offer from a Swift Buyer

When you need to move quickly, the best buyer is not necessarily the one who offers the highest price. You will want the buyer to be chain-free and you will want to know whether he or she has yet to secure a mortgage. It can sometimes make sense to take an offer from a buyer who does not hold up the chain of selling and relocating to a new home.

Paint, Fix, Tidy, and Clean

You have a much better chance of selling your home quickly if it is aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, clean, and tidy. So, even though you will have loads of other things to think about, it is really worth investing time in doing a bit of DIY and tidying. Appearances matter. Give the walls a coat of paint. Go with warm or neutral colours, as you could put buyers off with garish or bright hues. Also, fix any of those things around the home that you have been putting off. You need to declutter too. Do not only tidy. Also, throw things out and put things into storage. The tidier and less cluttered a home is, the larger and more inviting it will seem. Remember to give every nook and cranny a deep clean, too. Finally, do not overlook the exterior of your property. Do things like cut back hedges, pull up weeds, and brighten up the porch with baskets of flowers, and you should sell in no time.

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