Rishi Sunak to the rescue or simply painting over the cracks #FurloughScheme

Rushi Sunak Furlough Scheme November 2020

Rishi Sunak’s recent confirmation that he is going to extend the furlough scheme will for many be a life saving announcement in more ways than one. It’s a rescue package that will keep many afloat though is it merely a life line that is attached to simply nothing at all when we, if we ever do, get back to the normal way of life?

“Our highest priority remains the same: to protect jobs and livelihoods. That’s why we’ve already decided to extend the Job Retention Scheme to December.” government website

A second lock down has been handed out to England and businesses across the UK have simply been torn apart prior to the Christmas period. Though a slim amount are rejoicing the new agenda as their services / products have increased during lock downs, many businesses from wine sales to hotel rooms have be ravaged by lock downs and many will never recover. A furlough scheme though great in the short term, does not plaster over the long term damage for many businesses – Many businesses will simply close post lock down or will have the likes of events cancelled / postponed so the furlough payments goes no where in repaying back what they have lost. It is important to remember that many businesses are simply not on a month by month income, they sometimes see turnover increase at a certain point(s) of the year only.

So is what Rishi Sunak offering able to hold up businesses up and down the country?

Some will say he, or should we say the government or maybe even us ourselves as we fund this organisation, is saving livelihoods with the new extension of the furlough scheme. Yes for sure, many will be happy to see an added boost to their bank accounts via furlough though it will be only a smaller percentage for many compared to what they would be taking in whereas others will also say it is only plastering over the inevitable – closure of business.

View points will also say it is his duty to offer the furlough scheme what with closing down the country on what, many will say, are either false pandemic figures or altogether a fake pandemic. Why are we seeing bars and restaurants closed when many are practising some of the safer hygiene standards? Who is saying that gyms are not essential or that garden centres are, estate agents essential and places or worship not?

Is it lock down until early December or will the government see how far they can stretch things?

When you hear Boris Johnson, the prime minister, speak following announcing this latest lock down then we are presented with more conditional context over unconditional. It is full or if, probably, maybe and should rather than we will or lock down finishes on December 2nd etc.

It is also all last minute decisions on the latest lock downs as are announcements stating which countries are added to quarantine restrictions, all playing havoc with people’s business agendas. Many relying on international travel to generate business income, closing down borders means closing down business and not all businesses are able to survive on a stop start process.

For now, Estate Agency seems to have had a pass to carry on regardless as such, it is deemed and been confirmed as an essential business. Buying, selling, renting and more continues so long as health and safety is adhered to, many agents are relying on extra innovation / #proptech so ultimately pounds are still hitting bank accounts for many.

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