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Shelter’s response to the government’s annual social housing sales figures

Shelter’s response to the government’s annual social housing sales figures below:

  • In 2017-18, a total of 6,463 social homes were delivered – 84% fewer than in 2010-11. This is despite a slight increase in the overall number of homes supplied (an extra 562) compared with the previous year.
  • In 2017-18, a total of 20,891 social homes were sold by local authorities and housing associations. This means for every 3 homes sold, only 1 gets built.
  • Since 2012-13 when the Right-to-Buy replacement scheme was first introduced by the government a total of 91,003 social homes have been sold off under Right-to-Buy.
  • However, only 16,222 replacement social homes have been started or bought. This means that for every 6 homes sold through Right-to-Buy, only 1 new home is delivered.

Greg Beales, campaign director at Shelter, said: “These figures make it painfully clear – we’re still delivering far fewer social homes than we’re selling off.

“There is no easy way to gloss over the fact that for every three homes sold, only one gets built. This is nothing short of a disaster when hundreds of thousands of people are currently homeless, and millions more are struggling in deeply insecure and expensive private renting.

“There’s an obvious solution – build more social homes and ensure those sold are always replaced. That’s why Shelter has launched a commission that will soon set out for a vision for the pivotal role social housing must play in ending the housing crisis.”

Source of information Shelter

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