Should you hire a locksmith when you lose your keys?

You’ve just come back from a night out, happy to have caught up with friends. You reach into your coat pocket and realise…your keys aren’t there!

No matter whether your next step is a frustrated groan, panicked searching, or rushing to stop the cab that’s just left; the first question to ask is – do I need to call a locksmith?

So, do you actually need to reach out to one in the event of key loss and how exactly can they help you get back into your property?

Should I hire a locksmith?

In short, yes!

Losing your keys can not only be inconvenient but also highly stressful. Keys are rarely attached to a chain by themselves and, in addition to being locked out, it is important to remember what keys were attached to your chain and how they could potentially cause issues if you don’t have them or if they fell into the wrong hands.

Locksmiths can often be at your property with speed and work with you to safely gain access to your property. This can have you back in your living room in minutes, letting you get your gear out of the shed, or allowing you into the office fast.

What can a locksmith do?

A trained locksmith has a range of tools and options available. A trained locksmith will often charge a callout fee and be able to provide a quote when they arrive in person to deal with the issue. In a world of smartphones, a locksmith will ask you to take a photograph of the lock and detail the nature of your problem. This will allow them to deliver a quote with speed and reliability, allowing you to get back into your property without breaking the bank.

This will involve using their picks and tools to allow access through your front door. However, if the issue is urgent or the lock is damage or unable to budge, they will have more aggressive options to get you inside with speed. This may cause damage to your door or require additional cost to fix, but this action will only be taken with your consent.

What happens afterward?

Once you’ve gained access to your home, the first thing to do is source your spare key to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. If you live with flatmates or a partner, take their key to be copied by a key cutter as quickly as possible. This should be inexpensive and allow you to get a copy while you wait.

If you don’t, take time to talk with the locksmith to confirm where to source a duplicate key. This may require you to contact the number directly or – if you’re worried about losing a key to your house – require you to use a lock pinning kit to reset or reinstall new locks in your property. Remember, while this can be frustrating and expensive, there is no price to safety. And finding the right locksmith can help give you guidance about how best to proceed and find a solution that offers a solid price without compromising on your home security.

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