Which side is your best when it comes to photos of your property?

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Many people look in to the mirror and will say I have a best side I am sure, not an uncommon thing, and they will usually want to, if seen by someone they are looking to attract, to be seen on their better side. So anyway, enough of self vanity and on to property which if you think of it, can sometimes offer a better side, the best angle, a shot which shows the great views in the distance, a photo which hides that ugly old caravan parked next door and more… I would say property can also in some cases have a best side.

Best smell for you house we know all about, presentation, should it be an office or spare bedroom, best temperatures, cars on driveway or not, soft music playing in the background and much more all are taken in to consideration when showing people round your property as is quality of photography, image editing, videos, virtual 3D tours and drones.

Can a house really have a best side to it though, that shot taken from the left side or the right side which makes it stand out better, increases the chances of enquiries and viewings? I am sure may property offer only really one side to have a photo taken of the outside, maybe a building is in the way, trees or bushes or the angle is such that one side cuts out many features of the property compared to the other. I stood outside a few properties this week and I certainly noticed that many only allowed for one side to be the place that photos should be taken, though some property I noted offered good features both ways including a central photo.

Is there a science to it? Should garage be in background or foreground? Lower angle of photo or higher with maybe a drone shot used? Something which contains part of the road the property is on or a close up shot?

The house with the car in front had been on for a year with another agent but I didn’t know that when my business partner asked me to go and photograph it. When I took the details to her that night I saw her jaw drop so I asked if there was something the matter. She said no, it’s the opposite, and rushed off and got the details that her previous agent had used for marketing. It was only then that I recognised the property had been advertised for a year. One way of looking at this is that the agent concerned has wasted their money advertising the property with a terrible photo. All they needed to do was take it with the green in front – theirs looked like the property was on a main road. They needed to close the garage door, move the car and take the photo the right time of day. They also shouldn’t have stretched the photo to fit their template.” John Durrant of Doctor-Photo


Author: Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn.

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