Structural Maintenance for Spring 2020

As we head into the winter between 2019 and 2020, we need to start thinking about the next steps we are going to take come Spring. After the harsher weather of the winter months, it is time to think about some of the key pieces of maintenance we need to do to our homes. Spring cleaning doesn’t only apply to inside the home!

Start from the Top

If you are comfortable with ladders, you should climb up on your roofs to have a look for any potential damage. Loose shingles, broken tiles, or pooling water are all key signs that the health of your roof is not up to scratch.

Not the best with heights? Ask your local roof contractor to perform the check. If they do find any problems which need fixing, they will be able to offer you a quote on the spot to fix the issues. They will also be able to handle the job in a much more professional and safe manner than you most likely would.


Over winter, your drainpipes can become clogged with debris. You need to make sure that they are clear and free-flowing for the wetter spring months. First, you will need to clear out any leaves, moss, and much which has accumulated in them. Then, take a jug or a hosepipe and flush them through with water. Not only will this remove any lasting debris, but it will also show you where there are any leaks.

An overly leaky drainpipe will need replacing. Cast aluminium downpipes are a great option as they are sturdy enough to withstand anything that might be thrown at them. They are also durable enough to last for many years after installation. If you are thinking about switching your drainpipes out, visit Rainclear Systems who have round and square options which are available in 24 hours if you need them more urgently.

Inspect the Windows and Doors

Have you noticed any leaks from your windows or doors over winter? The problem might be an external one. Make sure you go around each of your external windows and doors to ensure that there are no leaks.

If necessary, you might want to sand down any external paintwork so you can reseal the wood. Your windows and doors are a key part of your protection against the elements. If they are not up to code, you need to restore them in time for April showers and other bad weather which might come your way in the spring.

Take Care of Your Home

Structural maintenance is as every bit important as throwing open a window and letting the fresh air in. Don’t neglect this important part of homecare once the warmer weather arrives. You need to make sure that your house is ready for the coming year. Make a checklist of everything that needs to be done and get outside to tick things off. The sooner you find a problem, the sooner it can be fixed and you can rest easy knowing it can’t get any worse. Start looking for your first few tasks now!

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