Successful Property Marketing For Tight Budget’s And Awkward Home’s!

Congratulations – you have signed up another new client!  Now the timer start’s in your clients head to see how long it will take you to market and sell their home.

So first things first, you have a timescale and a budget in mind to promote and sell the property.  The quicker you can get the property online, and the cheaper you can do this the better right?  Of course!

Online video marketing as we all know attracts more interest for a property than properties marketed without.  The problem being not every client is prepared to pay vast sums of money for a professional videographer.  Furthermore, not every property requires the expertise of a videographer, as it may be a small one bed flat in the heart of London that has very little to show.

Promoting such like properties on a tight budget with a restricted deadline can be tricky.  Today we are going to show you the answer to this common issue faced by many estate agent’s and property developer’s.

If you don’t already own an HD camera, you really should consider investing in one as it will more than pay for itself within one month.   Clear Vision Media have the ability to create an HD video from your HD photographs. Our video’s are so good that to the untrained eye you would never know the footage wasn’t actually filmed by a videographer. 

‘Big Deal’ you may say!  Ok, so let’s make the video EVEN BETTER! 

Let’s sort this issue of the one bed London flat.  By adding a 2D and/or 3D animated floor plan to your clients video you will detract from the cluttered looking room’s and generate interest with a potential buyer as they view an uncomplicated, easy to understand animated floor plan

When a buyer can clearly visualise how much space they have available from a floor plan they can then consider enhancing the property to suit their individual requirements. 


‘Could I knock down that wall?’ Or ‘Perhaps I could block off that area for office space?’. 

These question’s are all on a buyers mind and can be quickly answered by looking at the floor plan on the property video.

Time waster’s will diminish, and genuine buyers will be booking to view the property after they have carefully considered all their option’s highlighted to them with your floor plan property video.

By adding this bespoke element to your property video’s, not only will you be keeping your costs down, but you may be offering  something that no other estate agent in your local area is. 

Whilst some video’s will get people talking about a property, our floor plan video’s get people talking about YOUR COMPANY & THE PROPERTY.

In short, you will:

  • Have a quality floor plan property video that very few other agent’s offer,
  • You will have kept your cost’s to a minimum,
  • Generated new interest in your company, and of course
  • Got that all important sale in the shortest possible time!


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