Surveyors fly high with First Person View Goggles.

As a specialist in the field of aerial photography, and working solely with surveying and inspection companies, Kensson Aerial Imaging is pioneering the use of First Person View goggle technology to literally take their clients into the sky.

Surveyors have to think on their feet. To effectively manage their time a professional may only get to view a property once. Their word is their bond and it is therefor vital that the assessment and advice they give is as comprehensive and accurate as possible. Giving surveyors a revolutionary viewpoint is a vital new enhancement to the industry.

Working with our fully insured, experienced and qualified UAV pilots a roof survey can be completed in a fraction of the time. FPV goggles give a crystal clear view of whatever the drone camera is looking at. This allows the ‘pilot’ or surveyor to make certain that all areas of interest have been captured, and have the peace of mind that nothing has been missed.

Cunliffes chartered surveyor, Jon Vine gave the following testimonial :

“Having only previously read about drone surveys I was sceptical about how useful the information gained might be. Since working on a Church roof survey in Liverpool I am sold that this is a very worthwhile modern method of surveying. Where access is difficult the drone gives you a viewpoint otherwise impossible. The photo quality is such that you can, when back in the office, zoom into specific defects even when the photo is taken some height above the roof. the set of goggles which gave me a drone’s eye view and allowed me to direct the pilot to specific areas of interest.

Will drones be the future when it comes to surveying land and property? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts and happy to give advice to anyone wanting further information.



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