Where will the Housing Market be by 2023?

new build home fronts

It is quite easy to predict the past and the present, though the future is a tad more difficult. The current climate and that of the last two years we have all been at the mercy of fast changing regulations on how, who with and where we can live our lives such as via government…

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Forget London, Oxford is the UK’s worst place to rent

The latest data on the cost of renting from the Office for National Statistics was released last week showing that rents in England have increased to their highest level on record. While the average rent in London is double that of the national average, the latest research by lettings and estate agent Barrows and Forrester…

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House Price Index

House price index in part for March 2015. Figures as taken from the Office for National Statistics UK house prices increased by 9.6% in the year to March 2015, up from 7.4% in the year to February 2015. House price annual inflation was 9.4% in England, 5.7% in Wales, 14.6% in Scotland and 7.5% in…

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