Tenant Fee Ban – Your Options

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Let’s make no bones about it. When the Tenant Fee Ban comes into force you WILL:

  • See a DROP in your income and profits
  • Achieve LOWER service levels
  • LOSE more landlords

So what are your options for overcoming the challenges faced by letting agents?

Options Pros Cons
Sell up Quick cash injection Your business ceases to exist and you’re locked out of lettings for 2 years+
Increase your fees Make up for lost revenue and maintain income or mitigate impact Risk landlord loyalty and damage your brand
Cut staff Operate more leanly Drop in service levels
Merge with other agents Achieve economies of scale Lose control and brand identity
Outsource to ARPM Save time

Save money

Improve service levels

Grow your business

None – contact us: 01923 775705


At ARPM, we provide a COST-EFFECTIVE solution that’s EASY TO IMPLEMENT and allows you to MAINTAIN CONTROL of your lettings business.

Here’s why hundreds of agents have looked to us to support them in overcoming challenges and excelling in lettings.

Stephen, Oxfordshire, 2-branch agent

“When the Tenant Fee Ban was announced, we were worried that the drop in income would lead to a drop in service levels. With landlords leaving the market, as well as increasing competition, we needed to consider our options.

Having now worked with ARPM for the last 18 months, I can honestly say that outsourcing was a great option for us and proved the right move.

My team is now able to focus on valuations/viewings while ARPM take care of the admin tasks and property management on our behalf, and white-labelled to our business too.

As a result, we have grown our lettings book despite the tricky market conditions and my costs are the lowest they have been in years. I am very happy.”

Want to learn more?

Get in touch and we’ll provide you with a bespoke evaluation of your lettings business and how outsourcing can save it – [email protected]

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