The Best Places to Buy a Vacation Property

If you are planning on buying a vacation home, there is a lot to consider. Besides the price range you need to remain within, you must also account for the seasons you are interested in taking your vacations as well as how far you are willing to travel. With that in mind, there are many fantastic locations that are waiting to be explored and you can find a place to call home for all of your vacations away from work and the daily grind.


The Bahamas:


For some, there is nothing better than a tropical retreat to enjoy during the harsh winters. The Bahamas has long been a popular destination for tourists from the UK, and 2018 saw over 36,000 visitors arrive from the UK alone. Some may even consider The Bahamas as the perfect location to purchase a permanent vacation home. If you’ve never ventured here, you will find there is a lot to enjoy.


Besides the numerous stunning and picturesque beaches, there are also lively downtown areas filled with entertainment and several world-class restaurants. These serve some of the most distinctive island dishes such as red snapper, lobster and the Bahamian national food conch, a mollusk-type shellfish that has the look and texture of a scallop when cooked. In addition, there are many nightclubs to keep you entertained with music that is part of the culture here, as well as the latest popular hits. The Bahamas can be your personal getaway for all of your relaxation needs.


Aspen, Colorado

Vacation properties don’t all have to be geared towards fun in the sun either. A winter getaway around the holidays can make for a memorable vacation that is perfect for uplifting your spirits during the colder months. It’s even better when you have some thrilling activities to go along with it. While some people may enjoy snowmobiling, or ice fishing, skiing and snowboarding have long been winter staples and the mountains of Colorado have some of the best trails in the world.


The period between 2019-2020 saw Aspen, Colorado receive an impressive 600 cm of snow. That means that you have a wide range of potential dates to visit if you want to go skiing, with most locations open for six months or more. While the real estate market here is certainly not cheap, it is always on the up making this a great location for investments as well.




The country of Brazil is simply massive and therefore has a lot of opportunities scattered about. There are multiple different property markets that provide an interesting opportunity for both investments and leisure. While there has been a drop in property values in recent years, that just provides more opportunities for those that are looking to buy now. The economy here also gets stronger every year and the currency, the Brazilian real, could also see a large increase in value as Brazil continues to expand and offer more exports.


For the ideal vacation property, look no further than the Fortaleza area. This coastal area is a favorite amongst Brazilian and international tourists, and it’s beloved for its pristine beaches and crisp weather. The infrastructure here is quite good, as are the local facilities. You have everything you need in a small area and that makes this the perfect location for a vacation property or long-term investment.




What if you are more interested in a tropical retreat that is off the beaten path and away from the swarms of tourists? With that in mind, Thailand may be your ideal getaway destination. Sure, they may have their own tourist seasons where the islands get packed with foreign visitors, but elsewhere in the country you will find enormous opportunity and an endearing culture to explore.


For foreigners looking to invest in Thailand, the condo market is normally where they will look first. There are many different areas that will have something to offer. If you prefer a more relaxed and nature-focused retreat, northern Thailand has plenty of available properties in the smaller cities like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. If you are more interested in a tropical island paradise, places like Phuket and Koh Samui are rich and vibrant. For a busy metropolitan area that is never too far from an island paradise, Bangkok is a city full of business and activities. This is a country where you can really make your own adventure and that’s why it’s perfect for a vacation property.

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