The growing power of Estate Agent Networking explained:

We are now some eight months in to the life of the Estate Agent Networking concept and already we’ve gone from a platform with zero content (all online concepts have to start from zero!) to a web platform that has daily content from across the industry shared with an increasing amount of views average on each post. We have the largest LinkedIn group for estate agency now standing above 10,000 members and 16,000 following on Twitter. So, what does all this mean and importantly, what’s in it for you the Estate Agent or Property Industry Service Provider? Let’s discuss:

As an Estate Agent:

  • We have the only estate agency news web platform that allows service providers to share for free their blogs to help guide you to both using their products and services better as well as also helping you to gain a greater market share from their tips and marketing advice.
  • Daily breaking news from within the industry keeping you ahead of what is happening now and likely to be happening in the very near future.
  • Estate Agent Networking is exactly that, we have a bespoke ‘networking‘ system that once you have registered a free account with us, you are able to follow other members as well as live messaging them or leaving messages for them to be read later (all members are alerted by email when someone engages with them). You can also rate people on the service they offer the industry as an individual.
  • You can now rate an industry service provider as we are now giving a unique page on our website to each and everyone from EPC providers to estate agency softwares – You will now be able to rate those you’ve used, leave comments / feedback as well as ask them direct questions which they can reply to you on their page helping you and other estate agents to succeed in using that company’s products / services.
  • I consider this the most important part – Each member of Estate Agent Networking is a real professional person, we do not allow alias members who wish to simply moan, leave negative unjustified comments or use our platform to rant to others. You can be sure that our membership figures are true and that when you network, you are networking with like minded industry professionals looking to improve their businesses and networks.
  • Our LinkedIn group provides you another professional place to share ideas, thoughts and news from within the UK property industry. Each and every day we receive posts from around the country and they in turn receive comments from our members so there is no better place to voice what is on your mind and see the thoughts of other professionals.
  • If you love Twitter, then connect with us there too. Already we have 16,000 industry professionals following us so if you want a shout out from us then simply say hello!

As an industry service provider, Estate Agent Networking is the perfect platform for you to showcase your business offerings:

  • 100% free to upload blogs to our website, we are looking for educational, entertaining and engaging blogs over simple marketing ones. We are very happy for you to register an account with us for free and this provides you with a signature to each blog you write detailing who you are, your business and contact numbers. This means that anyone who enjoys reading your posts can make direct contact with you.
  • 1,000’s read blogs released on Estate Agent Networking. Each and every week the average readership of blog posts on our website grows, there is no better time to come on board with us and share blogs to our growing estate agency audience to read.
  • If you share blogs with us then we also share them out on Twitter to our 16,000 + following (figure correct as of March 2015). Not only will 1,000’s read your blogs on our website, but 1,000’s more will read them via Twitter and importantly, if they like what they read they will share your content to their followers… Viral effect for your efforts.
  • We have a 10,000 membership to our LinkedIn group, if you share quality content on there with us, then you can be guaranteed that 1,000’s will read what you share. We also offer you the chance to send direct emails to the group members, so that means if you have a promotion or similar running at present, then we’ve the target audience you need to take up your offer.
  • We have banner advertising and sponsorship opportunities across our website that helps you to put your brand directly in the view of a growing target estate agency audience. Our prices remain the lowest yet probably the most responsive compared to other similar ‘property news channels‘ out there – We offer packages starting from just £100 per month and importantly, no fixed minimum contracts!
  • You can have a whole page dedicated to you and your business on our website where estate agents from across the UK can review your services / products, leave you comments and feedback and ask you questions directly. As we are infact a networking website, those live online can message you in real time on our platform when you are signed in.
  • You can guarantee that when you share content with us on Estate Agent Networking, that you are sharing with a professional audience where no alias accounts exist, when you receive comments and ratings then you’ll be receiving them from other professionals who are happy to share their name with you.

There is so much more that Estate Agent Networking offers the UK Estate Agency Industry and importantly we are always exploring news ways to increase our exposure and the results that our platform delivers for not only those who advertise and sponsor us, but also the overall experience for Estate Agents and Letting Agents across the UK. Our shareholders include not only Social Media experts, but SEO and Web Building professionals which allow us to stay in front of all that is new within online marketing. By us staying ahead of the game, we can deliver you the best web platform for you to spend your time on, learning new ways to improve your business and at the same time, increasing awareness of what you do to an active target audience of industry professionals.

Estate Agent Networking – The online community for Estate Agents.


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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