The Importance of an Inventory

The Importance of an inventory should never be underestimated. Having a detailed inventory prior to a tenant checking-in and an equally detailed report at the check-out provide crucial evidence to the content and condition of the property’s fixtures and fittings.

You may think creating an inventory is a quick and easy task, especially with unfurnished properties.. ‘What is there to record?’

Consider your property; take a look at it from the front garden gate or front door – the colour, style and condition of doorframes, doors, windows, ceilings, walls, flooring, fresh décor and items being provided for the tenant. Now multiply that by the amount of rooms and areas in your property, all these items need to be noted accurately, you will quickly notice the length and detail of a report.

This document provides a service for all parties; As a Landlord, having as little dilapidation as possible holds value to your investment, having a document to hold a tenant accountable for damage is highly valuable. It is also a good record of how your investment is faring to wear and tear over duration of tenancies.

As an Agent, having your client’s property documented through a change of tenancies is paramount these days and having a detailed report to revert to throughout a tenants stay is a great tool for property management. As a Tenant, knowing an inventory of your new home has been carried out by a third party prior to your move in should leave you feeling safe in the knowledge that you cannot be held accountable for previous damage or wear and tear.

As the industry has been transformed by Tenancy deposit schemes over the past few years, inventories have played a huge part in settling disputes. The better your inventory (evidence) the better your chance at having the dispute settled in your favor.

By using Orchid Inventories Ltd you will receive an accurate, detailed report with clear descriptions and very high quality photos of the item or room being documented. Reports are returned to agents with a very short turn around time and are provided on PDF, paper bound copies and CD discs.

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