How a Google+ Page can Improve your SEO

Why you should claim your Google+ page?

Claiming/creating your google plus page gives you greater control over how your business is presented in google search results. Having an optimised google plus page ensures that up-to-date information about your business is readily available. Claiming the google plus page for your business also ensures that accurate contact information is provided via google searches. 70% of people who search for a business on their smart phone call via the phone number that appears in the search (provided by google plus pages).

How to claim your Google+ page

You will need to register for a Gmail account if you do not already have one.

in google search type your company name followed by ‘google plus’.

If your google plus pages does exist you will see a URL that resembles this – – click it.

If you are able to find your page it should look something like this:


Click on the ‘manage this page’ button to begin verifying your account and filling in your details.

If you are unable to find an existing company page, you can create one at this address –

Great! That is a really good start, however you can get even more out of your Google+ page, If you would like to make sure that it is fully optimised to increase your SEO give us a call on 01394 615 615 or email [email protected]

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