The Importance of Brand Consistency

For all agents brand consistency is extremely important to build a strong company brand and image, especially for multi-office agents where sometimes the consistency can go astray. This can happen due to different suppliers working for each office, which can result in colours, proportions and sometimes even fonts not matching the brand guidelines.

A great benefit of using Kremer Signs is the assurance of total brand consistency throughout all of our printed items. From residential boards through to office fascia signage and internal signage, we can replicate the same colours, fonts and proportions used on a wider range of different substrates. This is key for any agent if they are to maintain a strong company image and brand.

Felicity J Lord

The majority of agents will use two suppliers when it comes to their office fascia signage and their estate agency board supply, and can find that because both require printing onto different substrates that the colours may not match even though the same colour references have been used. Here at Kremer Signs because we specialise in both forms of printing, we can be a sole supplier for both, and maintain the same colour consistency. By providing a full design service, prior to production we cross reference every job to make sure there are no discrepancies between the two before we carry out the installation or delivery.

Being the only sign supplier to be able to provide this level of services, we have developed a reputation for being a one stop shop for signage and by being able provide full UK coverage, brand consistency problems is a thing of the past for both multi agents and small independents.

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