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The Estate & Lettings Association UK (ELAA-UK) is launching a campaign to highlight the value of professional estate and letting agents throughout the UK.

ELAA-UK says that it wants to make consumers more aware of the work that Estate and Letting agents do and the added value they bring to each and every property they sell or let.

The campaign will inform consumers of the hard work that Estate agents and Letting agents do on a daily basis as well as the important role they play in each transaction.

Recently the public have underestimated all the work that actually goes into valuing, marketing and selling or letting a property and the work that is required after a sale or let has been agreed upon.’ Says Kimberley Taylor of The Estate & Letting Agents Association UK.

She says that ‘Estate and Letting agents provide an important service and most consumers that have used a traditional (or high street) agent say that they believe they received excellent value for money. The public need to know that a good agent can not only get the best price which could mean tens of thousands of pounds extra for a seller but they will also alleviate a lot of the pressure and stress involved in selling or letting a property. An agent will talk to all parties involved including buyers or tenants and solicitors, they will try to ensure that the entire transaction goes through as smoothly as possible

ELAA-UK states that people need to realise that an Estate or Letting agents work starts before they even come to the initial valuation and continues much after an offer is accepted.

Karl Dillon of ELAA-UK explains that ‘Prior to an agent coming to the initial valuation they will usually use their extensive knowledge and resources to research the property, the area and possible values. Once an agent has been instructed they will again use their extensive knowledge, experience and resources to work out the best price for a property as well as the best marketing plan for that particular property and the needs of the seller or landlord. The agent will then arrange for photos, floor-plans, descriptions, etc of the property to use in marketing materials and listings. Estate and Letting agents will usually accompany potential buyers (or tenants) on viewing and will use their experience and skills to sell the advantages of the property to obtain as much interest in the property as possible. They will use their negotiating skills to make sure the seller (or landlord) gets the best price. Once a sale or let has been agreed the agent’s work does not stop, they will work with all parties involved including the seller/landlord, the buyers/tenants and the solicitors to try to make the entire transaction go as smoothly as possible in a timely manner.

Karl says ‘These are just few examples of the work a good Estate or Letting agent will do on behalf of their client and we will be focusing more on all aspects of the work that Estate and Letting agents carry out and the importance of using a good Estate or Letting agent over the next few weeks.

ELAA-UK states that they will be emphasising to consumers the tremendous value for money that Estate and Letting agents represent by highlighting, in addition to many other facts, that a good agent could achieve £10,000’s more for their property as well as informing consumers that Estate & Letting agents fees in the UK are amongst the lowest in the world.

ELAA-UK, that originally created the hashtag #AppreciateEstateAgents says it’s time for the public to realise that Estate and Letting agents are professionals offering a much needed service and that they not only provide great value for money but could actually make consumers £10,000’s.

ELAA-UK is asking Estate and Letting agents to send in their stories and reasons why Estate and Letting agents should be appreciated to [email protected]

To find out more about ELAA-UK or to keep updated with the campaign visit

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