The Power of the House For Sale Board

At Kremer Signs we are strong believers that the traditional estate agency board is still one of the most valuable and effective way to market your properties.

The ‘For Sale / To Let Board’ can help raise Agents awareness in their local area, and passers-by in the town / City. They advertise that the property is For Sale or To Let, and this can appeal to anyone of any age, which online marketing doesn’t fully achieve, as not everyone uses the internet. Once sold or let the boards status  can change and advertise this as well, which will also help drive business your way and showcases the fact that you have successfully sold or let that property.

Once used they can be retained and reused again and again, which also makes them very cost effective, which is a great bonus as a lot of online marketing tools available to agents can prove to be quite costly.

These are just a few reasons as to how the board can successfully market your agency and your properties For Sale or To Let.

Below is an infographic filled with facts, regulations and information regarding the estate agency board, that I hope you find useful.

The Power of the House For Sale Board


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