The Property industry is “sexy”!

After our initial blog ‘Women in Construction’ got great attraction, we continued by writing a summary blog of ‘what the women in property, think about women in property’. Both blogs received great response, and after collecting the feedback from the ladies we interviewed, it proved that the majority had the same opinions. The vast majority felt that it is down to the organisation to encourage young ladies into the Repairs & Maintenance sector.

We feel there are several ways this can be achieved. Firstly, advertising the sector as a more flattering and appealing career to choose will help with initial candidate attraction in what is not a “glamorous” industry. Secondly, apprenticeship schemes and industry-based training which help to enable applicants to learn on the job whilst being paid and gaining recognised qualifications would be a vital way to make the industry look more attractive to quality candidates looking for a full time career. Finally and linked to the previous point, promotion of career progression and long term goals.

From our study many women within the sector value culture within their company. In many cases it is the most important reason that they have chosen their employer. The challenge is to showcase the Property & Construction industries as “sexy” places, above say Entertainment or Digital Advertising industries. Companies need to showcase what they do outside of their core business to attract young talent, for example through their CSR activities or company days out.

Many students have lost hope in the dream that after going to university they will automatically land a well-paid job compared to their peers who opted out of university. The Property sector must act quickly to gain the interest of those also thinking otherwise. Apprenticeship schemes need to be promoted as the financially smarter option to school and college leavers. The benefits of learning on the job are second to none. You receive education and experience at the same time and are able to trial a few different job roles during your apprenticeship and understand how a business operates. You will finish you apprenticeship scheme with no student debts and potentially a full time job offer on the table.

Schools leavers also need to see success stories, the industry needs influential figures, awards winners, movers and shakers explaining to them how they too can reach the top and be recognised for their great work within the sector. This is what our campaign aims to achieve; we ask women to talk about their experiences early on in the career and how they have progressed and the direction they see their career as well as the industry going. They share their views on trends in the market, one thing we promote over most is that it is important to have an opinion whatever industry or sector within the property industry you operate in.


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